Sunday, 31 May 2020 | 16:48 WIB

Rudiantara: Employee Restructuring in Bukalapak is Normal

Rudiantara: Employee Restructuring in Bukalapak is Normal (komunitasbukalapak)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara says the corporate internal management action conducted by Indonesia-based e-commerce platform Bukalapak is normal.

"It's only natural that something like that is done in this rapid dynamics," said Rudiantara after attending the Digital Diplomacy in Jakarta, Tuesday (09/10/2019).

Sources of Antara had informed that hundreds of employees of Bukalapak had been laid off as part of the company's internal structuring policy.

The termination of employment occured in several divisions in Bukalapak, including engineering and marketing, according to sources.

"Hundreds can be in the range of one hundred or 900. So, the percentage of 100 of 2,600 employees is four percent. That figure is still small, that's normal," said Rudiantara.

Moreover, he said that with the growth of Bukalapak, which had tripled compared to the previous year, employee downsizing was normal.

"If the company grows three times there like that, there must be a replacement, the logic is that growth needs a lot of employees," he said.

Furthermore, Rudiantara said that downsizing of employees actually triggers the growth of startups ecosystem in Indonesia.

"The employees leaving the company would create another startup again, and later it would become part of a larger startup ecosystem. Just look at Silicon Valley, the model was like that, Google employees left the company to make a startup, and later the startup was acquired by Google," said Rudiantara.