Wednesday, 11 December 2019 | 16:13 WIB

Construction of Jakarta-Bandung Bullet Train Reaches 38.2 Percent

Construction of Jakarta-Bandung Bullet Train Reaches 38.2 Percent (kcic)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - PT Kereta Api Indonesia China (KCIC) says the progress of Jakarta-Bandung bullet train development has reached 32.8 percent as of September, 2019. The figure represents the overall preparation in the mega project to welcome operations in 2021.

KCIC President Director Chandra Dwiputra said that in addition to the completion of one of the 13 other tunnels in this project, the Jakarta-Bandung bullet train will also soon enter a new milestone where the first girder of the elevated structure of the bullet train will be installed.

"This installation will be a new step for the development process where the elevated structure dominates more than 60 percent of the entire tract along 142.3 km," Chandra said in Jakarta.

On the other hand, continued Chandra, the Tunnel Boring Machine of the bullet train that will penetrate the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road for the construction of Tunnel 1 at Halim will also be operational soon.

In line with development that continues to be carried out progressively, the Jakarta-Bandung bullet train project in parallel is also preparing an operating system and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure.

"One of the things that is being massively prepared is the need for human resources ranging from the organizational structure to the number of personnel for operational preparation in the future. We are targeting to involve 1,700 personnel during the bullet train operation," he said.

In relation to the development of HR competencies, KCIC has partnered with PT MRT Jakarta, which is also a pioneer of modern railroad facilities in Indonesia. The two companies agreed to transfer knowledge to each other in connection with the maintenance of trains and operations that include the development of human resources, innovation and strategies for developing TOD and other non-train businesses.

"KCIC and MRT are both pioneers of modern railways in Indonesia, so this is a great opportunity for both KCIC and MRT to learn about each other's systems," he said.

Aside from trains, the development of TOD along the lines was included in the business development plan going forward.