Thursday, 28 May 2020 | 21:15 WIB

Allianz Indonesia, Home Credit Launch Gadget Protection Insurance

Allianz Indonesia, Home Credit Launch Gadget Protection Insurance (allianz)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - In line with the development of information technology, internet infrastructure, and telecommunications that are increasing rapidly in Indonesia, the number of gadget users in the archipelago nation also continues to grow every year.

Based on research by digital marketing research institute eMarketer, the number of active smartphone users in Indonesia in 2018 touched more than 100 million people. Indonesia will be the fourth most active smartphone user country in the world after China, India and America.
The use of gadgets is now a major need and part of the lifestyle of Indonesians, and particularly millennials. Gadgets are not only used for daily personal, family, and work communication needs, but also for the development of the digital e-commerce economy as well as access to news and information through online and social media.

According to the 2017 APJII (Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers) survey, millennial age internet users in Indonesia constitute 49.52 percent of the population.
The significantly rapid development of information and communication technology also leads to the rapid rotation of these gadget models, and are often pegged at a price that is quite expensive, so that many Indonesian people choose to buy by installments without a credit card to get the latest gadgets they need or want.
Along with the increasing importance of using gadgets, awareness of the protection of gadgets from a variety of risks has also increased. However, the manufacturers' guarantee usually only protects the gadget from damage due to production defects.
Departing from this condition, PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia has inaugurated a collaboration with PT Home Credit Indonesia to answer the needs of these gadget users. Home Credit Indonesia collaborates with Allianz Utama Indonesia to provide gadget protection products, namely EASYCOVER and MAXCOVER. Both of these products enable users to protect smartphones, tablets and laptops, which are bought using financing services from Home Credit Indonesia.
"Allianz Utama Indonesia's collaboration with Home Credit Indonesia is one of the innovations and the embodiment of our strategy in working on the retail business segment to expand the reach of insurance protection and the company's commitment to provide comprehensive products and provide peace of mind," said Peter van Zyl, President Director of Allianz Utama Indonesia, on Wednesday (10/09/2019).
Customers who want to have their dream gadget do not need to worry about the risk of damage with the choice of EASYCOVER and MAXCOVER gadget protection for one year-a collaboration product from Home Credit Indonesia with Allianz Utama Indonesia.
This gadget protection product provides various benefits. EASYCOVER protects gadgets from the risk of physical damage and accidental liquid damage. For customers who besides wanting to provide protection from physical damage and fluids, also want to protect their gadget from theft or robbery with violence, MAXCOVER can be an option. Both of these comprehensive gadget protections can be had in an easy and affordable premium price.
"The strategic partnership with Allianz Utama Indonesia as one of the leading companies in the insurance industry is in line with the vision of Home Credit Indonesia to help customers realize their needs and dreams by providing financing services as well as a safe, innovative and reliable shopping experience in today's digital era," said Jaroslav Gaisler, Chief Executive Officer of Home Credit Indonesia.