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Electricity in Indonesia Has Grown almost 40 Percent in Five Years

Electricity in Indonesia Has Grown almost 40 Percent in Five Years (pln)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ignasius Jonan has appreciated the growth of the electricity sector in recent years. The growth of this sector was helped by the increase in installed electricity capacity in the last five years.

Until the end of 2019, there will be an additional 19 gigawatts (GW) of electricity or around 40 percent compared to the installed capacity in 2014. In fact, until 2024, it is planned that the addition of this power plant will be 90 GW.

"Regarding installed electricity capacity, (in) approximately 50 GW, now 65-66 GW, until the end of the year (2019) around 70 GW, there are about 19 GW of additional installed capacity. The additional is around 40 percent in the last five years. "Until the end of 2019, there is a plan to add 90 GW, continuing the 35 GW program that has not yet been completed. If demand is high, it can reach 100 GW. Thank you to stakeholders, IPP (Independent Power Producer), and PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara)," Jonan said when opening the National Electricity Day Exhibition in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/09/2019).

In addition to the additional capacity of the power plant, Jonan also expressed his appreciation for the free electricity connection assistance from stakeholders and employees of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, PLN, and state-owned enterprises (SOE) which have reached 525,000 electricity connections from around 700,000 houses with no electricity. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources employees are able to collect nearly 3,000 electricity connections, 40,000 PLN employees, 100,000 connections from SOEs, and 325,000 connections from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources stakeholders.

"I thank you for the free electricity connection. PLN and the Director General of Electricity identified 700,000 underprivileged households. The electricity installment cost is around IDR 700,000. What are we trying to do? We mobilize all stakeholders for participation to add more. We ask Acting Director of PLN to finish the rest, because this is PLN's business," said Jonan.

For the electrification ratio, Jonan said that the achievements have now exceeded the RPJMN target (national Medium Term Development Plan). "At present (the electrification ratio) has reached 98.83 percent. Hopefully it can be 99% this year. If in the RPJMN the final target of 2019 (electrification ratio) is 97.6%, so we have far exceeded this. This was also reported in a cabinet meeting, "This is an extraordinary achievement, exceeding the target," said Jonan.