Saturday, 31 October 2020 | 14:41 WIB

Consumers Seek Premium Springbeds as Economic Condition Improves

Consumers Seek Premium Springbeds as Economic Condition Improves (special)

BANDUNG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Along with the soaring level of prosperity and the increasing number of middle to upper income earners, the demand for quality spring beds has also increased.

This momentum was captured by Holiday Springbed by producing premium standard mattresses at affordable prices.

For the sake of user comfort and good sleep quality, Holiday Springbed is said to be applying the latest technology, including I-Cool Technology, Neutralizer Technology, Sensotic Technology, as well as Anti Dust Mites Technology.

"Indonesian people in general are looking for good quality spring beds at affordable prices. For that, we design quality spring beds at valuable prices. We also present the orthopedic Holiday Springbed series, Vancouver, which is much in demand by urban communities who are increasingly concerned about the health of their spine, "said Anton Wijaya, Owner and founder of Holiday Springbed.

Anton revealed that the Holiday Springbed is designed to be very luxurious and premium class. In addition to applying the latest technology and quality that is already very reliable, because it uses Natural Latex and Pocketed Coil material for all Holiday Springbed series, the spring mattress he manufactures also has other service advantages, such as 99 day money back guarantee, free lifetime service, and free shipping.

Anton said that despite the premium class, the price of the spring beds the company produced were still below the price of the same springbed class. For the Diamond Series, prices start from IDR 5 million to IDR 14 million. As for the Solitaire Series, the company set the price at IDR 13 million to IDR 32 million. The size starts from 120 cm x 200 cm to 200 cm x 200 cm.

Interestingly, each Springbed Holiday series is given the names of major cities of countries, such as Amsterdam, Melbourne, Santorini, London, Vancouver, New York, Las Vegas, and St. Moritz

Holiday Springbed, with its factory located in Bandung, West Java, in addition to providing high-quality mattresses/beds, also provides a variety of sleep accessories products, such as natural latex pillows, Sense of Goose Pillows and Bolsters, Mattress Protector, Topper Mattresses, and Mattresses Premium folding.

Anton further said, for the sake of increasingly introducing and reaching a wider market, his party would collaborate with several online marketplaces in Indonesia. In addition, he also participated in several furniture & springbed exhibition events in Indonesia.