Monday, 01 June 2020 | 18:40 WIB

Sinar Mas Land Launches Fleekhauz Cluster, Sold Out in Nine Days

The interior display of one of the Fleekhauz cluster units (sinarmasland)

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Fleekhauz cluster sales in BSD City are selling well. Sinar Mas Land has been able to sell 455 residential units in the cluster in just nine days.

The Fleekhauz cluster is the company's effort to fulfill one of the basic needs of today's urban society, which is modern housing at affordable prices. The cluster is also located in a premium area.

The compact housing style as in the Fleekhauz cluster was designed by famous Indonesian architecture Denny Gondo and the famous interior designer Joke Roos.

Fleekhauz is developed with mini pile foundations, bricks for walls, lightweight steel frames for roofs, concrete roof tiles for roofing, engineering wood for floors and wood, ex Local Sanitair for sanitation, PDAM for water, as well as 2,200 watts of electricity.

Herry Hendarta, CEO of Residential at Sinar Mas Land, said on Saturday (10/12/2019) that each unit is equipped with smart furniture as well as smart home system that are in line with the BSD City concept of smart city.

Fleekhauz is also equipped with two bedrooms, namely the master bedroom (cozy master bedroom) and outdoor bedroom (outdoor bedroom) which are designed as compact but functional, and can be used for other purposes such as office and play room. The family room is also equipped with a sofabed, table and is connected directly to the kitchen.

Basically, every room in Fleekhauz has a flexible layout that can be decorated in accordance with needs. The lower floor can also be changed and expanded by combining the back garden into a mini office.

Every room in Fleekhauz is also very functional, the walls on and under the stairs can be pulled or opened and used as a place to store favorite items.

Even more special, the smart living facilities that are only owned by the Fleekhauz cluster increasingly complement the dynamic lifestyle that provides convenience and comfort. Every door unit in this house is equipped with a smart lock system or automatic door lock, as well as smart lighting that is turned off and turned on via a cellphone or smartphone.

The Fleekhauz neighborhood area is equipped with Smart CCTV and professional security personnel. The Smart CCTV can be operated using sound to communicate with residents of the house. So, in addition to pictures, there will also be sounds that can be heard in the room of the house.

In addition, this cluster also has a community park (Co-Park). This Community Park is a thematic park located in three points of the Fleekhauz cluster area, and can be used for joint activities.

The concept given to this park is also in accordance with the minimalist and modern concept of Fleekhauz housing. Complementing the lifestyle of millennials, this park is specially designed to have instagramable photo spots.