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BCA Wins MURI Record for Most Number of ATMs in Indonesia

BCA Wins MURI Record for Most Number of ATMs in Indonesia (bca)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Thanks to solid performance and the latest digital transformation developments, Bank Central Asia (IDX:BBCA), also known as BCA, has been appreciated through the awarding of the MURI Record as "The National Private Bank with the Most Number of ATMs for Cash Deposit and Withdrawals in Indonesia".

The MURI record was handed by MURI Deputy Director Osman Semesta Soesilo to BCA Vice President Director Armand W Hartono, accompanied by BCA Director Erwan Yuris, BCA Head of Regional Office IX Djoko R. Mijaata, and EVP Network Management BCA Weminto Suryadi, in Bekasi, on Monday (11/18/2019).

On this occasion, Armand Hartono also inaugurated the status improvement of Harapan Indah General Branch Office in Bekasi.

"We express our gratitude to MURI for appreciating BCA as the Private Bank that has the Most Cash Deposit and Withdrawal ATM Machines in Indonesia. From year to year, BCA increases the composition of Cash Recycling Machines (CRM) in the BCA ATM network. For customers, the existence of a Cash Deposit and Withdrawal ATM allows customers to make cash withdrawals and deposits 24 hours a day. For banks, the Cash Deposit and Withdrawal ATMs will bolster the efficiency of operational costs," said Armand.

The CRM or ATM Deposit Machines have functions as cash withdrawal ATMs, cash deposit ATMs, and non-cash ATMs. As of November 18, 2019, the number of BCA ATM Deposit Services reached 6,888 units throughout Indonesia.

Of these, 49 percent are in the Greater Jakarta area, and 51 percent are spread outside of Greater Jakarta. The 6,888th ATM Deposit Machine is installed at the Harapan Bekasi branch office.

The Cash Deposit and Withdrawal ATMs help customers with high mobility, and can minimize queues. Through the ATM Cash Deposit and Withdrawal machines, customers can directly make cash deposits without filling out deposit form, and can be done outside working hours, even on holidays.

"Therefore, BCA will add massive ATMs for Cash Deposit and Withdrawal in the coming years so that customers can make transactions easier," Erwan said.