Sunday, 31 May 2020 | 17:21 WIB

Visa Set to Launch Contactless Payment at McDonald‘s Indonesia Outlets

Visa Set to Launch Contactless Payment at McDonald's Indonesia Outlets (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Visa, the world's leading digital payment company, is collaborating with McDonald's Indonesia to bring contactless payment technology to the customers of this largest fast food restaurant chain.

Visa cardholders can now enjoy faster payments with just one tap using cards, cellphones, or contactless technology devices at all McDonald's outlets in Indonesia. Payments can be made without having to enter a PIN or signature for nominal transactions below IDR1 million.

Contactless technology provides safe and fast-paying experience. Based on the latest Consumer Payment Attitudes study by Visa, Indonesian consumers--particularly technology-savvy millennials, have a high interest in uninterrupted paying experiences.

With contactless cards, customers can pay small value transactions in seconds. To make contactless payments, customers simply tap the contactless debit or credit card technology, or other NFC technology devices such as cellphones, to the available contactless terminals. Within seconds, the transaction is complete.

Although this transaction does not require a PIN number or signature, this transaction has the same level of security as paying through another EMV-chip card, where the card will remain in the customer's hands during the payment process.

Riko Abdurrahman, President Director of Visa Indonesia, is very pleased to be collaborating with McDonald’s Indonesia to introduce contactless payment to millions of its customers in Indonesia.

Visa has the same goal to provide customers with an easier, safer, and seamless way to pay when buying their favorite food at the nearest McDonald's restaurant.

"Through ongoing cooperation with market leaders who directly interact with consumers and can provide the best payment experience, we realize our mission to increase financial inclusion towards the non-cash community in Indonesia," Riko said.

Yanti Lawidjaja, Finance and IT Director of McDonald’s Indonesia, said she believes that Visa can provide the best payment technology, and McDonald's is happy to present contactless Visa payments to their valuable customers, wherever they are.

"We have a mission to become a favorite place to eat and drink for our customers. Through this partnership, we can also offer a favorite way of paying where customers can order food more easily than before. We hope that with contactless payments, we can continue to develop our best service and remain the fast food restaurant of choice for Indonesian families," Yanti added.

To promote contactless payment, Visa and McDonald’s plan to collaborate in launching special promotions for customers starting in early 2020.

Contactless Visa technology can also be enjoyed by consumers who want to pay for services or products in a number of supermarkets, theaters and certain gas station, and the number of merchants will continue to grow in the future.