Friday, 28 February 2020 | 16:40 WIB

Sinar Mas Land Urges Implementation of Cashless Transactions

Sinar Mas Land Urges Implementation of Cashless Transactions (special)

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Non-cash or cashless transactions are now part of the public lifestyle. People can often be seen no longer carrying cash ,even though they will carry out various transactions on the way.

BSD City is currently transforming as the first integrated smart digital city in Indonesia. Various infrastructures and facilities that support digital lifestyle, such as traffic command centers, high-speed fiber optic internet, and other facilities are available in the area developed by Sinar Mas Land.

In the effort to support an independent smart city in BSD City, Sinar Mas Land has held an interactive discussion on cashless payment getaway. Hopefully, this transformation can be applied on a city scale to become a good digital ecosystem.

This is also to support digital movements in various walks of life in the use of e-wallets to transact in shopping centers, entertainment and recreation venues, and much more.

At BSD City, the use of cashless is even well known at the Modern Market and the Modern Intermodal Market. There, visitors can shop and transact with Go-Pay, Ovo, Dana, and various other fintech apps.

Besides being easy to operate, these applications also offer a variety of promos such as discounts and cash back. Not only are these applications are attractive to buyers, sellers also get a share of the profits.

Panji Himawan, Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Division at Sinar Mas Land, said the economic development which was predicted to be stronger has begun to be supported by the way Indonesian people's transactions have begun to change.

"This is done only by opening a smartphone, scanning, and doing it [the transaction]. We also applied this trend in a number of projects ranging from malls to traditional markets that we developed, in an effort to support the transformation of BSD City into the first integrated smart digital city in Indonesia," he said.

For information, the interactive discussion titled Ngobrol@Tempo, which was held in collaboration with Sinar Mas Land and Tempo Group, presented several speakers such as Burhan Solihin (Executive Director of, Tini Wartini (Head of the Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Tangerang Regency) , Tita Ayuditya Surya (Head of Section Facilitating the Digital Economy Ecosystem Platform of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology), Suhendro (Executive Director of the Indonesian Market Management Association), and Ramadhany Herlambang (Head of Product Development at Sinar Mas Land).

Meanwhile, the issues discussed in this discussion forum include the criteria of cashless players in traditional markets, the advantages and disadvantages of the cashless method, the flow of money circulation transactions in traditional markets after the cashless transaction method is applied, cooperation with vendors and banks in Indonesia, as well as the tools needed for using cashless method.

The use of cashless methods in traditional markets is believed to provide convenience, comfort, security, as well as speed in transactions, both for buyers and sellers.

"Not only is it easy to conduct transactions in malls or traditional markets, Sinar Mas Land has also implemented a cashless payment method for every occupant/resident who wishes to make an IPL payment," Panji added.