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Rupiah Strengthens to IDR 14,115 per US Dollar on Tuesday

Rupiah Strengthens to IDR 14,115 per US Dollar on Tuesday (integritas)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian rupiah exchange rate at the interbank level in Jakarta is closed strogner on Tuesday (12/03/2019), in line with the market intervention conducted by the country's central bank.

The rupiah was closed 10 points higher or 0.07 to IDR 14,115 per US dollar, as compared to the previous day's position of IDR 14,125 per dollar.

Ibrahim Assuaibi, President Director of PT Garuda Berjangka, said that with global conditions so strong, Bank Indonesia (BI) intervened in the foreign exchange and bond markets in the Domestic Non-Deliverable Forward (DNDF) trade.

"What was done by Bank Indonesia produced maximum results so that the rupiah closed higher today," Ibrahim said.

Externally, US-China trade talks remain a focus for investors after Trump signed two laws, one of which supports the protesters in Hong Kong.

On Tuesday morning, the rupiah opened rising to IDR 14,118 per dollar. Throughout the day, the rupiah moved in the range of IDR 14,115 to IDR 14,129 per dollar.

Meanwhile, Bank Indonesia's middle rate on Tuesday showed that the rupiah weakened to IDR 14,130 per dollar IDR 14,122 per dollar the previous day.