Friday, 30 October 2020 | 20:37 WIB

Apple Developer Academy at BSD City Graduates 194 Young Digital Talents

Apple Developer Academy at BSD City Graduates 194 Young Digital Talents (sinarmasland)

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Sinar Mas Land is committed to facilitating various business development potentials and technological advancements, especially at Apple Developer Academy. The academy is located in the BSD City area.

On Tuesday (1/14/2020), Apple Developer Academy held the Apple Graduation for the second time. There are 194 graduates who have joined the scholarship program, which ran for ten months from April 2019 to January 2020.

Through the scholarship program, Apple Developer Academy seeks to produce more Indonesian human capitals who have world class application development competencies so as to be able to drive the development of the national digital economy.

The Apple Graduation event was also attended by Bambang Permadi Soemantri Brodjonegoro, Minister of Research, Technology and Head of the National Innovation Research Agency.

For information, the Apple Developer Academy is a digital talent development platform developed by Apple Inc., and supported by Sinar Mas Land. This coding school equips students with three main abilities, namely technical, business and design.

Apple Developer Academy also has a vision to develop Indonesian human capitals that are able to develop applications and technology to solve social problems on an operating system basis from Apple. The full scholarship program from Apple Developer Academy is given every year to hundreds of selected students.

Irawan Harahap, Project Leader of the Digital Hub at Sinar Mas Land, said: "Graduates of the second batch of Apple Academy are expected to enrich the Digital Hub, which is building a tech and digital ecosystem. These world-class talents will answer the needs of digital industry players going forward."

Indonesia has the potential for competent human capitals in the digital and technological fields. The growth of this industry is dominated by young people, one of which is through the Apple Developer Academy BSD City informal school. They present a variety of innovations that are very creative in line with the demands of the times.

The second generation of Apple Developer Academy graduates are expected to become application developers from Indonesia who have global standards.

For 10 months, the Apple Developer Academy has been incubating or deepening the technology at BSD City. The incubation phase is expected to have a positive impact on the graduates, so that their knowledge can be applied directly to the wider community through technology.

In this second batch of Apple Graduation, the participants' representatives presented a number of applications tailored to the needs of Indonesians. The applications presented at the Apple Developer Academy graduation in this second batch include Qiroah, Teman Netra, Leastric, Hearo and Canting.

Qiroah, presented by Khoirunnisa' Rizki Noor Fatimah and Ramadhani Dian Pratiwi, was created to support the method of learning to read the Quran face to face (talaqqi), listen to phrases and practice the pronunciation of verses of the Quran. This application will provide feedback using Machine Learning technology.

The second application is Teman Netra, presented by Savitri Nurhayati and P J Bumi Gilang Sinawang. This application was created to help Indonesians with vision difficulties by providing assistance to read texts on letters, books, brochures, food labels, restaurant menus, as well as reading out the nominals of money.

Leastric was presented by Marilyn M Y D Parhusip, and was created to oversee the use of electricity that we use anytime and anywhere. The tools connected to this application will help us save and help the environment.

Another interesting application is Hearo, which was presented by Kamilia Latifah and Aisyah Nur Shadrina, and was created to help communities who have hearing difficulties to communicate with sign language and turn it into a text. This application can also translate laughter and applause.

Meanwhile, Dimitrij Tijawi and Indra Sumakarya presented an application called Canting that was created to provide an immersive and tangible experience for creating Batik art. The making of batik art is done with the Canting application using Apple Pencil as a tool. The ease that the Canting application presents itself makes it usable by the batik community.

Continuing the success of the previous batch, Apple Developer Academy has also opened registration and conducted a selection (recruitment) of more than 2,000 applicants from various provinces in Indonesia.

This selection successfully screened 200 prospective students who will receive scholarships in the third batch, which will begin in February to December 2020.

Irawan said Apple Developer Academy at BSD City was the result of cross-sector collaboration between Apple Inc., Sinar Mas Land from the developer sector, and Binus University from the academic sector. This Apple Academy is the third worldwide after Brazil and Italy.

The academy aims to produce world-class developers from Indonesia who are able to develop applications on an international scale and contribute to the value of Indonesia's exports.

To note, Apple's first academy in the Asian continent will accommodate hundreds of application developers each year. Apple chose Indonesia as the third location in the world because it saw the potential of Indonesia's human capitals that were very promising as tech-entrepreneurs, software engineers and digital innovators.

The presence of Apple Developer Academy enriches the digital ecosystem that is being built by Sinar Mas Land in BSD City. The academy acts as a talent development for creating world-class application developers who understand digital business models and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

The rapid movement of IT and Technology companies that move offices to BSD City raises the need for increasingly high digital talent. Therefore, the existence of digital education facilities such as Apple Developer Academy will support the needs of digital talent technology and IT companies with offices in BSD City.

The academy occupies an area of ​​1,562 square meters in the BSD Green Office Park area, precisely in the Green Office Park 9 building.

Sinar Mas Land is currently working on "Digital Hub," an area devoted to the Digital Community, starting from startup companies, educational institutions engaged in IT, to technology-based multinational companies.

Digital Hub has an area of ​​25.86 Ha, and is located in the southern part of Green Office Park, BSD City. At present, a number of companies engaged in IT have offices in the Green Office Park area, such as Grab Indonesia, BSD Innovation Lab, Huawei, Sales Stok, Ev Hive, as well as Orami, and will be relocated to the Digital Hub area when the project has finished construction.

A number of educational institutions in the field of coding have also been present at BSD City, such as the Apple Developer Academy, Binar Academy, Techpolitan, and Purwadhika. The existence of these institutions is useful for supplying developers to a number of companies ranging from multinational scales such as Unilever, as well as startup scales and various tech companies in the region.