Tuesday, 29 September 2020 | 20:37 WIB

IBL and Citi Indonesia Hold Skilled Youth Program in Bekasi

IBL and Citi Indonesia Hold Skilled Youth Program in Bekasi (citiindonesia)

BEKASI, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia Business Links (IBL) and Citi Indonesia (Citibank) have once again held the Skilled Youth Program to educate financial independence to the young generation of Indonesia. This program involved more than 300 young people, and was held in Bekasi, West Java.

The goal of IBL and Citi Indonesia in initiating the Skilled Youth Program is to assist Indonesia's young generation in gaining better economic opportunities thanks to improved self-competence to become a reliable workforce or young entrepreneur.

"We hope that the Skilled Youth Program initiative will continue to contribute positively in reducing unemployment in Indonesia, including in Bekasi," said Chrysanti Hasibuan-Sedyono, Chairperson of the Indonesia Business Links Management Board.

Meanwhile, Ananta Wisesa, Head of External Communications at Citi Indonesia, said on Thursday (02/13/2020): "In accordance with Citi's mission of enabling growth and economic progress, we pay important attention to the younger generation through social programs that we run. Through the Skilled Youth Program, we hope that more and more young people will be able to benefit from the program they are participating, thereby increasing employment opportunities and entrepreneurial skills for those who choose to succeed on this path."

The Skilled Youth Program presents a series of activities that include financial literacy, character and behavior strengthening, technical and entrepreneurial skills training, as well as job search assistance and business mentoring.

The program also involved various parties, including training institutions, the government, local businesses, and the community, in order to create conducive environment for the empowerment of young people.

Hanan Tarya, Expert Staff of the Mayor of Bekasi City Government, said "The Skilled Youth Program is very much in line with the vision of the Bekasi City Government, which are'smart, creative, advanced, prosperous, and excellence' in the third mission, which is to improve the economy based on potential creative services and competitive trade'.

"By instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in the younger generation, we believe that we will be able to create more job opportunities and entrepreneurship in the city of Bekasi," Hanan said.

He added that the Bekasi City Government is committed to improving regional conducivity. With a conducive situation, investors will come to invest.

"We really appreciate the efforts of IBL and Citi Indonesia, and hope that this program can be further enhanced in the form of more active cooperations in the future," Hanan said.

The Skilled Youth Program is a continuation of the social community program under the umbrella of Citi Peka (Peduli dan Berkarya, or Caring and Creating), as well as part of the "Pathways to Progress" global commitment initiated by the Citi Foundation, with the aim of having a positive impact on 500,000 young people worldwide, including in Indonesia, until 2020.

IBL, as the implementing partner of Citi Indonesia in the Skilled Youth Program, targets the participation of up to 1,000 youths throughout this fourth stage, namely in the period of September 2019 to August 2020. West Java is again the center of the target area. 

The Skilled Youth Program cooperates with five local governments, namely the Municipality and Bekasi Regency, Karawang Regency, Purwakarta Regency, and Bandung Regency.

In the previous three stages, from 2015 to 2019, the Skilled Youth Program succeeded in providing positive benefits and impacts to more than 800 young people.

"We believe that unemployment among young people can be overcome if the business sector, the government, community organizations, and academics can collaborate synergistically. With the empowerment of young people through capacity building through soft skills and hard skills, one of them is through the Skilled Youth Program, where young people will be able to boost their capacity so as to create better economic opportunities," said R. Adi Nur Setiadi, Program Manager for Youth Empowerment at Indonesia Business Links.