Monday, 25 May 2020 | 13:06 WIB

Bank DKI Provides Full Customer Service despite Covid-19 Outbreak

Bank DKI Provides Full Customer Service despite Covid-19 Outbreak (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - With regard to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, Bank DKI continues to carry out operational banking services in full until there are further instructions from the regulator.

The operational activities of Bank DKI's banking operations are based on consideration of public services to customers while still paying attention to the vigilance and safety of Bank DKI customers and employees. This was stated by Herry Djufraini, Corporate Secretary of Bank DKI in Jakarta (03/16/2020).

Bank DKI has placed hand sanitizers and temperature scanners at the head office and all service offices, and distributed masks to all employees.

Herry also explained that DKI Bank has a split operation mechanism where some employees work from home. This is part of an appeal from OJK to minimize interaction between people without disrupting financial services to the public.

Although the company remains fully operational until further announcements, Bank DKI calls on the public to reduce the use of cash when making transactions. This is to increase awareness on the spreading of the novel coronavirus or covid-19.

"In an effort to reduce the risk of the public being exposed to the Coronavirus, it is better to conduct transactions in non-cash using mobile banking," Herry said on Monday (3/17/2020).

He continued that Bank DKI customers can use JakOne Mobile application as a practical solution for various transaction needs in lieu of cash.

JakOne Mobile is a financial service application consisting of mobile banking and digital wallet that can be used to carry out daily necessity transactions at various merchants that collaborate with Bank DKI.

JakOne Mobile can be used either by customers who already have a Bank DKI savings account, or prospective customers who have not opened a Bank DKI savings account.