Thursday, 09 July 2020 | 11:17 WIB

Danone SN Indonesia Tightens Health and Safety Protocol during COVID-19 Outbreak

Danone SN Indonesia Tightens Health and Safety Protocol during COVID-19 Outbreak (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Various ways are carried out by company leaders to support employees and business partners in ensuring the fulfillment of consumer needs for products during the coronavirus pandemic. Danone Specialized Nutrition (SN) Indonesia does so through a variety of ways, ranging from tightening employee health and safety protocols, using long-distance approaches and communication, as well as company leaders singing songs together to motivate employees wherever they are on duty.

"In this difficult time, we all must continue to strive so that consumers can still get the nutritional products they need, including child growth milk products and nutrition for mothers. However, we still have to apply the work protocol in a very strict way to protect employees," said Arif Mujahidin, Corporate Communications Director of Danone Indonesia.

Arif added that employees in several divisions have been ordered to work at home since March 17 in order to break the potential distribution chain of COVID-1, in accordance with the government's recommendation on work from home policy for employees. "In the production unit, we also apply strict protocols through shift management, limit and apply strict protocols to anyone who enters the factory, also apply strict protocols to our distribution and marketing chains. Specifically for the field team, we use long-distance communication technology in order to stay aware of the needs of partners and consumers without having to be physically close together," Arif said.

In addition, in order to appreciate and encourage the nutrition and health practitioners, Danone Specialized Nutrition also disseminates digital message chain to convey appreciation to health experts and medical workers who are struggling to overcome theCOVID-19 pandemic outbreak. "For us they are heroes who do what they do to protect the health and future of the Indonesians, especially mothers and children," Arif said.

Company leaders of Danone SN Indonesia also always motivate employees through regular messages to ensure the health and safety of employees at work. In addition to the official message, said Arif, motivation was also carried out by the company's leadership by singing the song 'Rumah Kita' by Godbless, which was recorded by cell phone and shared through the company's internal channels.

"We hope to continue to be able to contribute in this difficult time to ensure consumers can still meet and get the nutritional products they need to meet the nutritional needs of families." The effect.

Together, Danone in Indonesia has committed to fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, by giving a contribution of IDR15 billion in various forms. Assistance is carried out through collaboration with various parties in the form of medical devices, nutritious food, Aqua mineral water, Vit and and cash money.