Saturday, 31 October 2020 | 16:47 WIB

Pertamina Foundation Offers Scholarships to Students Affected by Covid-19

Pertamina Foundation Offers Scholarships to Students Affected by Covid-19 (pertaminafoundation)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The creation of leading human resources has become Pertamina Foundation's concern as the basis for creating a strong cadres of leaders at the start of industrial revolution 4.0. Through the iconic PF achievement program, the Pertamina Foundation offers scholarship opportunities for students who are smart, creative, concerned about the environment, are and currently pursuing undergraduate (S1) or diploma at partner campuses.

"Pertamina Sobat Bumi Scholarship attracts smart and visionary youths who want to become future leaders. This year, the Pertamina Foundation will provide scholarships to 280 students in 25 campuses throughout Indonesia, both at undergraduate and vocational or diploma levels," said Pertamina Foundation President Director Agus Mashud S. Asngari, on Friday (04/17/2020).

Sobat Bumi (Friends of Earth) was set as the jargon as well as the name of the scholarship, with the philosophical aim of the scholarship recipient being the generation of choice with environmentally friendly character, and active as cadres of social movement. Until now, there have been 1,668 alumni of Pertamina scholarship recipients who are part of the Sobat Bumi Indonesia community association with a vast network throughout Indonesia.

In addition to providing monthly financial assistance for tuition fees and living expenses, the scholarship recipients will also be included in capacity building and green action activities as a series of learning and character building for Friends of Earth.

Scholarship registration is opened simultaneously in all partner universities starting on April 18, 2020, with a quota of 280 students in 25 campuses spread from Sabang to Merauke. The Pertamina Foundation has also allocated part of the scholarship recipient quota this year to applicants affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread in Indonesia. The end of the outbreak cannot be accurately predicted. Therefore, the Pertamina Foundation is very concerned in restoring the livelihood of  people affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

"We are very responsive to the handling of Covid-19 that is happening. We will do our best to help those in the frontline and restore the livelihood of people affected by the coronavirus outbreak, one of which is by providing special quota for covid affected students. In addition, this year's scholarship selection system is carried out only online or on a website-based application to reduce activities outside the home. Together with campus academics, Pertamina officials and also national figures such as the Dian Sastro Foundation, Jakarta Post, as well as HOPE Indonesia, will be part of the interviewer team for the scholarship selection process through videoconference system," Agus Mashud said.

The types of scholarships and partner colleges in 2020 include the Regular Undergraduate Scholarship, Vocational Scholarship, and Operation Area Affirmation Scholarship. The Pertamina Sobat Bumi Regular Undergraduate Scholarship program is only valid for students studying at Pertamina partner campuses, such as UGM in Yogyakarta, UI in Jakarta, ITB in Bandung, USU in Medan, Unsri in Palembang, Universitas Pertamina Jakarta, Undip in Semarang, Unair in Surabaya, Universitas Brawijaya Malang, Unhas in Makassar, Universitas Pattimura in Ambon, and Universitas Cendrawasih in Jayapura.

Meanwhile, the Pertamina Operation Area Affirmation Scholarship is an appreciation for Indonesian youths studying in the operating areas of PT Pertamina (Persero), including Rokan-Riau, Tuban, East Java, Balikpapan, and Karawang in West Java. The campuses that have partnered for this type of scholarship are Universitas Riau (Pekanbaru), STAI Tuangku Tambusai (Rokan Hulu), Universitas Pasir Pengaraian (Rokan Hulu), STAI Sulthan Syarif Hasyim Siak (Siak), Universitas Islam Riau (Riau), Universitas PGRI Ronggolawe and Universitas Sunan Bonang (Tuban), Institut Teknologi Kalimantan (Balikpapan), Universitas Balikpapan, STT Migas Balikpapan, as well as Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang.

Pertamina also supports the program of creating skilled workers ready for work through the Pertamina Vocational Scholarship, namely with Politeknik Negeri Fak-Fak in West Papua, and Politeknik Negeri Kupang in East Nusa Tenggara.

The response from the partners are very good, and they are enthusiastic on information about the opening of the scholarship. "Thank God, our infinite thanks to the Pertamina Foundation for choosing and trusting STAI Tuanku Tambusai as one of Pertamina's Scholarship partners. We hope that this program will be available every year to support and encourage students to become a reliable future generation," said Hidayati, Chairperson of STAI Sulthan Syarif Hasyim Siak.

"Politeknik Negeri Fakfak (Polinef) is grateful for the trust given as a PF partner in order to improve human resources in the field of education, especially for the people of Papua and West Papua through scholarship program," said Anthonius LS. Haans, Deputy Director of Academic & Student Affairs at Politeknik Negeri Fakfak.

The requirements and registration can be viewed and conducted through scholarship page of the official Pertamina Foundation website at The latest developments regarding scholarships can also be seen on the official social media of Pertamina Foundation.

"We hope that qualified students on our partner campuses can register online. We invite the bright young generation who are ready to accept the challenges to become cadres of leaders that can take Indonesia to the global level," Agus said.