Wednesday, 27 January 2021 | 01:32 WIB

Sinar Mas Land Invites Public to Utilize Household Waste through Green Festival

Monik William, Deputy Group CEO of Sinar Mas Land (special)

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Attention to the environment remains a priority of Sinar Mas Land, even in the midst of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Sinar Mas Land provides education about the environment for the public through Whatsapp instant messanging application. The company also provides the same education for its employees and other business pillars of Sinar Mas through Zoom online conference application.

As the final material, Sinar Mas Land and other business pillars of Sinar Mas held a webinar on Wednesday (6/24/2020) with the theme of 'wise in waste handling and household waste usage.'

Maria Chatarina, Head of CSR Department BSD City at Sinar Mas Land, said the discussion was important as waste has become a national problem. "With this education, the communities are expected to be able to reduce the volume of waste, especially those produced by individuals both at home and in the offices," Maria said.

Monik William, Deputy Group CEO of Sinar Mas Land, said in the webinar: "The online education about the environment virtually organized by CSR Sinar Mas Land BSD City, is the company's commitment to realizing social responsibility in the environmental field, which aims to change people's behavior to be more concerned about the environment by taking concrete actions ".

Supendi Akbar, a practitioner and environmental activist who gave the webinar material, said that waste management aims to reduce the negative impact on the environment, or even make waste economically valuable. There are several stages of waste management, such as separating waste according to type, making organic waste into fertilizer, and recycling inorganic waste.

"In addition, people need to cultivate the lifestyle of reduce, reuse, and recycle or commonly known as 3R. We also make it a habit to reduce the use of plastic or other materials that are difficult to decompose," said Supendi.

The online education is one of a series of activities in the 17th BSD Green Festival with the theme of empowering people in developing food security.

About 260 participants consisting of teachers, parents, and children participated in the education each week consecutively since May 18, 2020.

Various environmental materials related to daily life have been delivered, such as Building Independent Food Security, Nurseries, Household Waste Management and Waste Utilization.

As another form of contribution to the environment, on Thursday (18/6) CSR Sinar Mas Land through PT BSD Tbk provided aid in the form of a drug used to eliminate waste odor to the South Tangerang Environment Agency.

This assistance is for handling waste at the Cipeucang landfill in the South Tangerang City area. It is also a series of 2020 Green Festival activities. The highlight of the Green Festival will be held virtually on Friday (3/7) via the Zoom application.

Hundreds of participants in the 17th BSD Green Festival and Sinar Mas Land employees and other pillars of the Sinar Mas business will be involved in the highlight of the event.

Ambassador of the Environment and Nature Conservation Dik Doank also plans to enliven the activity with local regional leaders, namely Tangerang Regent Ahmed Zaki Iskandar and South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rahmi Diany.