Monday, 28 September 2020 | 09:06 WIB

Invensihaus R in BSD City Sold Out during Launching

Invensihaus R in BSD City Sold Out during Launching (special)

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - The property sector remains a promising sector during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some observers see that there is a change in the behavior of millennials who cannot carry out the hobby of traveling and shopping because they are hampered by large-scale social restriction (PSBB) measures. This makes it possible for millennials to allocate funds to buy a house. Moreover, properties are now at their best prices thanks to various promos from the developers.

During the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the house becomes a center of activities, including shopping, studying, worship, as well as work. Starting from here, millennials and young families set the main priority at the moment for buying a home that supports their lifestyle and productivity.

"Now is the right moment for millennials to own a house. Millennial traveling habits can be transferred to investment in property. Many developers are now selling properties with very attractive package deals. It's time for millennials who have savings or are able to pay in installments," said Chairman of the Indonesian Real Estate Brokers Association (Arebi) Lukas Bong.

According to Sinar Mas Land Residential CEO Herry Hendarta, the phenomenon is likely to have pushed the sale of all 178 houses in the Invensihaus R cluster at its launching on Sunday (06/28/2020). Another factor is that BSD City always presents products with innovative concepts that are out of the box or unique.

"It has been proven since the beginning of the launching that the market gave a very good reaction. In fact, there is a virtual queue to get the house," Herry said.

Invensihaus R is located in the Tabebuya area, and is developed on an area of ​​10.3 hectares. Each unit of the house has a 2 1/2 storey building and 3 bedrooms. Smart furniture also complements the house. The occupancy also applies the concept of functional space which designation can be used for home offices for working from home or school from home.

Marketing was carried out virtually to comply with the appeal to keep distance (social distancing) during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, all activities such as making appointments, visits to show units, gathering events, and even the negotiation process continued virtually.

With concepts that prioritize the interests of consumers and adapting to new normal activities, the strategy is powerful enough to arouse consumer interest to own Invensihaus R.

Sinar Mas Land cooperates with famous Indonesia architect Denny Gondo and renowned interior designer Joke Roos in developing this product.

For information, Invensihaus R is marketed with a land size of 5x10 square meters, with a building area of ​​68 meters. These residences are sold starting from IDR 1.2 billion to IDR 1.5 billion.

The phenomenon of the Invensihaus R unit was sold out at launch as a repeat of the success of BSD City's millennial smart house products that began with FleekHauz. Since it was first marketed until Invensihaus R, eight smart house clusters have been sold out with a total of 1,543 units in a short time in BSD City.

Herry said Sinar Mas Land was able to make such things happen because of a combination of unique and good concepts and the right strategies. Of course the effort was realized because of the team's hard work so as to provide maximum results.

He also urged consumers who miss out on Invensihaus R to continue to monitor the movements made by BSD City. To be sure, in the future BSD City will always present products that are always innovative and follow the tastes of consumers.