Friday, 14 Augst 2020 | 07:59 WIB

Industry Minister Supports Apple Developer Academy to Accelerate Digital Talent

Industry Minister Supports Apple Developer Academy to Accelerate Digital Talent (special)

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - The digital technology industry has developed rapidly during the Covid-19 pandemic, given that various physical activities are now turning to virtual and online via computers or smartphones. The Indonesia Ministry of Industry is aware of this, and therefore the development of the industry must be well-guarded.

Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita visited the Apple Developer Academy in BSD City on Thursday (7/23). During the visit, the Minister was accompanied by the Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation and Electronics Industry at the Ministry of Industry Taufik Bawazier, Managing Director President Office Sinar Mas Land Dhony Rahajoe, Manager of Government Affairs South East Asia at Apple Mirza Natadisastra, Director General of Small and Medium Industries at the Ministry of Industry Gati Wibawaningsih, and Sinar Mas Land Digital Hub Project Leader Irawan Harahap.

"We hope that Apple Developer Academy can continue to support us towards Indonesia 4.0, as many sectors are still not in contact with digital technology. We strongly believe that technology-based innovation can make the industry more efficient to strengthen our competitiveness. We support Apple Developer Academy students and alumni in contributing to the country's digital economy, especially in the location of in BSD City, which is a hub of digital talent and industry," said Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita.

He also added that industrial sector human capitals can accelerate capabilities in the digital field by participating in intensive learning at Apple Academy. "Tthe Ministry of Industry is aggressively encouraging industrial competitiveness, among which is by adding expertise in the field of digitalization to industrial human capitals."

According to the Sinar Mas Land Digital Hub Project Leader, Irawan Harahap, the company, through the Digital Hub, continues to facilitate education, community and digital business, including at the Apple Developer Academy. "This is a form of our seriousness in developing an integrated smart digital creative city," he said.

The Apple Developer Academy is a digital talent development platform built by Apple Inc. and supported by Sinar Mas Land. The coding school equips students with three main abilities, including technical, business, and design.

Apple Developer Academy has a vision to build Indonesian human capitals that are able to develop applications and technology in solving social problems based on operating systems from Apple.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the learning process for 200 students of the fourth batch at Apple Developer Academy BSD City continued online, and was guided by Apple Inc.'s chosen mentor.

Apple Developer Academy BSD City is also preparing for registration and selection of new students for the next generation who will start studying early next year.

For information, Sinar Mas Land is currently working on the Digital Hub, an area devoted to the digital community, ranging from startup companies, educational institutions engaged in IT to technology-based multinational companies. Digital Hub has an area of ​​25.86 hectares and is located in the southern part of Green Office Park, BSD City.

A number of companies engaged in the IT field have offices in the Green Office Park area, such as Grab Indonesia, Huawei, Sales Stock, Ev Hive, and Orami and will be relocated to the Digital Hub area when the project construction has been completed.

A number of educational institutions in the field of coding have also been present at BSD City, such as Apple Developer Academy, Binar Academy, Techpolitan, Creative Nest and Purwadhika. The existence of these institutions is useful for supplying developers to a number of technology-based national and multinational companies.