Thursday, 13 Augst 2020 | 15:45 WIB

Sinar Mas Land Offers O2+Urban Pop Healthy Living Cluster in Bekasi

Sinar Mas Land Offers O2+Urban Pop Healthy Living Cluster in Bekasi (sinarmasland)

BEKASI, NETRALNEWS.COM - The success of O2 Essential Home cluster sales is supported by the smart home system and virtual compact office features. These features also facilitate family members when they have to work from home (WFH). Moreover, work and learning activities from home have now become the needs of the public.

Departing from the market's significant interest in these features, Sinar Mas Land has marketed its latest product in the same area named O2+Urban Pop as a development of O2 Essential Home.

"One of the advantages offered in our latest cluster, the O2+Urban Pop, is a work space that supports WFH on the ground floor and a study room for study from home (SFH) upstairs. We hope that with one of these strengths, O2+Urban Pop can attract more people who need healthy and comfortable shelter during the Covid-19 pandemic," said Sinar Mas Land Residential CEO Herry Hendarta.

High-speed broadband internet network is available in the cluster to facilitate WFH and SFH for residents, so that residents become very comfortable and are no longer constrained by the internet when working and learning from home.

Herry explained that each unit in the O2+Urban Pop cluster has a building area of ​​55 square meters and a land area of ​​60 square meters. Each unit has two bedrooms, a smart home system security system in the form of CCTV cameras that can rotate up to 330 degrees, and full-furnished so that residents can directly occupy the house, without having to redecorate the room.

Sinar Mas Land uses the healthy house concept for residential in O2+Urban Pop cluster. One of its characteristics is that each dwelling has an outdoor area or garden as a sun room.

In this area, families can do outdoor activities together, such as planting desired plants or simply wanting to get good morning sunlight for good health. The ceiling roof of the house is made high for better air circulation.

Cross ventilation system is also applied as it is suitable for tropical regions such as Indonesia. Cross ventilation are two openings facing each other in a room. The function of this ventilation is to make air circulation in the room run continuously.

"By meeting market needs, such as working and learning from homes that support healthy lifestyles, we offer O2+Urban Pop cluster of 83 units with prices starting at IDR978 million. The hope is that the residents will remain in good health despite many activities at home," Herry said.

He added that Sinar Mas Land has prepared a number of payment options for consumers interested in owning O2+Urban Pop. If consumers want to own the house by hard cash, consumers can spend around IDR978 million per unit. However, if consumers choose a housing loan with a down payment (DP) of 10%, consumers can repay it 15 times.

If consumers take housing loan with DP of 15%, consumers can repay it up to 18 times. Another alternative method of payment, namely installments in phases over 24 times. Sinar Mas Land also cooperates with leading national banks related to this promotion, such as BCA, Mandiri, and CIMB Niaga.

O2+Urban Pop cluster is located 200 meters from Living World Mall which is currently under construction. Not far from the cluster, there is also Go! Wet Park Waterpark of 7.5 hectares and GW Auto Center. Grand Wisata is located in the center of Bekasi city with various access facilities for its residents.

To get to Grand Wisata Bekasi, from Jakarta and Bandung you can go through the exit of Tambun KM21 Toll (Jakarta-Cikampek Toll). Looking ahead, East Gate Grand Wisata will be connected to JORR 2 Toll Road, and MM 2100, among others