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Sinar Mas Land Launches Elite Residential Cluster at NavaPark BSD City

Sinar Mas Land Launches Elite Residential Cluster at NavaPark BSD City (special)

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, public interest, especially the high-end class, in premium class property has not decreased.

This is reflected in the enthusiasm of the upper class communities in the launching of a new residential product called the Lyndon cluster in the NavaPark BSD City area.

A landed residential project in a strategic area in the heart of BSD City, this residence project is inspired by the charm of exotic world resorts by combining residential, lake resort, waterfront, family recreation, leisure, as well as vast greenery and lifestyle. This makes the residential facilities at NavaPark special, as the facilities are not owned by other areas around it.

"Occupancy in the Lyndon cluster represents the pinnacle of one's success. Lyndon is a residential cluster that integrates with the beautiful lake panorama of the luxurious Country Club, so residents can enjoy a quality of life in harmony," said Herry Hendarta, CEO of National Residential at Sinar Mas Land.

Since it was first launched in 2014, NavaPark, a collaborative project between Sinar Mas Land and Hongkong Land, has been known to be one of the most elite residential areas in BSD City and surrounding areas.

NavaPark is located in a very exclusive location overlooking the BSD Green Office Park as an office area that has been inhabited by a number of global companies as well as lifestyle mall The Breeze. Its strategic position provides easy access for NavaPark residents to visit AEON Mall, ICE, Q Big, Intermoda BSD City, and Eka Hospital health facilities. Educational facilities are also available, starting from kindergarten to tertiary levels such as Prasetiya Mulya University, Unika Atma Jaya BSD City, and International University Liaison Indonesia (IULI).

NavaPark's Department Head of Sales & Marketing Wanto Ngali explained that the Lyndon cluster is the third cluster that the company is working on in the NavaPark area.

The Lyndon cluster consists of three types of housing with a series of the best facilities, namely type 12 with a land area of 396 and a building area of ​​465 m2 at a price of IDR16 billion.

There is also Type 15 (495/545 m2) that is also offered at a price of IDR20 billion, and type 19 (665/601 m2) at a price of IDR30 billion.

"Each unit has three floors, and is equipped with five bedrooms and lift facilities with a capacity of up to 6 people," Wanto said to reporters at the NavaPark area, BSD City, Tangerang Regency, on Tuesday (11/24/2020).

Charles Siahaan, Project Director of NavaPark, said the residence in the Lyndon cluster was designed by international consultants, namely RT+Q Architects Pte Ltd from Singapore, while the landscape was designed by Adrian L Norman from Hong Kong. The two agencies have worked on various luxury projects in Asia.

The Lyndon cluster luxury residence is designed with attention to the smallest details, ranging from high quality products, highly efficient layouts, natural lighting, and refreshing air circulation so that residents will certainly feel the luxury of Lyndon every day.

Charles said 122 housing units will be developed with the various types mentioned earlier. So far, only three units have been built, and all of them have been sold out.

He explained that 58 units of type 12 will be built in the Lyndon Cluster, then as many as 47 units of type 15, and the largest type of type 19 with 17 units.

Interestingly, although type 19 is the most expensive residence, this type is also the most popular type among buyers.

In total, during the first phase of the offering, there were 35 units that were in demand by consumers, with a total sales value of around IDR700 billion to IDR1 trillion.

Wanto added that the Lyndon Cluster units were mostly purchased by people who live in the BSD City area. In fact, around 30% -40% were repeat buyers who already owned houses in BSD City.

"Generally, buyers are people who intend to upgrade their residence into a better home than before. Especially with the advantages offered by the Lyndon Cluster, most of them are people who want to spend their old age.

The Lyndon cluster stands on 10 hectares of land, and has two entrances close to the Country Club lake.

Residents can enjoy the beauty of the resort lake covering an area of ​​350 meters in this area. Not only that, the residential cluster is also equipped with a romantic promenade, jogging track, terrace plaza, as well as waterfront Country Club around the lake.

Furthermore, in this area, there is also a botanical park facility with the largest and most beautiful landscape in NavaPark.

All the beauty of these facilities makes all property products in NavaPark experience a rapid increase in investment value.