Tuesday, 13 April 2021 | 10:22 WIB

Semangat Kurangi Plastik Movement Reduces 420 Tons of Plastic Waste

Semangat Kurangi Plastik Movement Reduces 420 Tons of Plastic Waste (astra)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - To commemorate the 64th anniversary this month, Astra invites residents to promote Semangat Melaju Bersama event in order to give inspiration to people and contribute to the nation.

One of the inspirations from Astra Group which involves the wider public is the Semangat Kurangi Plastik movement. This movement started from Astra Group employees' concern towards the problem caused by plastic waste.

"The theme of Astra 64th anniversary shows an invitation for all citizens to keep holding on and working together to reach their dreams and hopes. It is also to give inspiration for the wider public and contribution to the nation," said Astra Chief of Corporate Affairs Riza Deliansyah at an online press conference on Thursday (02/25/2021).

The Semangat Kurangi Plastik movement is implemented through the reduction of disposable plastic, improving the public's awareness and caring about the dangers of plastic waste pollution, and the education about how to effectively process the plastic waste. Since the movement's launching in February 2020, Astra Group has managed to reduce 420 ton of plastic waste as of February 2021.

The number comes after 60 ton of plastic waste from Astra Group and the remaining 360 tons is processed by 86 Astra Group waste banks all over Indonesia. The plastic waste is processed through the 6R (refine, reduce, reuse, recycle, recovery, and retrieve to energy) program. The result from that program is not only craftworks, but also fuels.

Until recently, the Semangat Kurangi Plastik movement was followed by Astra Group companies and the foundation under Astra Group, which involved the wider public to participate in reducing the pollution caused by the waste.

Pekayon KBA’s Innovation

The inspiration for the wide citizens is also shown by Pekayon Kampung Berseri Astra (KBA) in South Bekasi, which invites the citizens to always be aware of the importance of reducing the disposable plastic use to preserve the surrounding environment.

"Of course, it is a challenge to invite 754 KBA citizens to reduce the disposable plastic use. It needs a long process to change the old habit to the new one," says Lala Ratna Gozali, one of Pekayon KBA's public figures.

Various actions are done to reduce the disposable plastic use in Pekayon KBA areas. One of them is Gerakan Mengurangi Plastik Pasar (Gempar) movement, which was launched recently.