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Smesco Business Festival Where SME Players and Buyers Meet

Opening of Smesco Business Festival 2017

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Smesco Business Festival 2017 was officially opened by the Secretary of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Agus Muharram, on Tuesday (7/18/2017) at the Smesco Indonesia building, Jl Gatot Subroto, Jakarta. This activity was held in order to enliven the 1st decade of Smesco Indonesia.

Agus said Smesco Business Festival is a meeting place between buyers, both domestically and abroad with the local MSME players.

It is expected that with this meeting there will be significant sales transactions of SME products during the event, as well as business ties between people.

"The meeting alone is not enough but there is a need for transactions, which we expect transactions between producers and buyers not only here but also in future," said Agus in his speech.

It is just, Agus advised, to be highly competitive, the players of SMEs were asked to improve the quality of the resulting product. SME Ministry, he said, has rolled out various programs to provide convenience to SMEs, such as through product standardization, copyright, and halal certificates.

"The minister hopes that SMEs really keep the quality of the products, with the existing standardization in order to improve competitiveness, we also provide copyrights in cooperation with Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, halal certification as well," Agus said.

The Smesco Business Festival will be organized on July 18-21, 2017, with hundreds of SME participants and cooperatives from various regions, local and overseas buyers, resellers, stakeholders, local government representatives and campuses. (*)