Thursday, 06 Augst 2020 | 07:47 WIB

Here are Eight Signs Your House May Be Haunted

Your house may be haunted (wikia)

JAKARTA, NNC - When choosing a house to live in, you certainly must pay attention to many aspects, such as cleanliness, comfort and security of the house. We should all look at many factors because the house is where we rest, spend time and have fun with our families, and be the palace of our lives.

But did you know that spirits or ghosts may also live in your house? Have you ever heard footsteps when you’re alone at home? Or the door often closed by itself at night? It could be that your house is haunted.

Although sometimes in every house things happen that are not the same, many people do not recognize these signs, and consider these signs as just a breeze in the wind. In fact, these signs could signal a form of communication of other residents in your home.

Here are the signs that a house might have ghosts or spirits:

1. Strange Sounds or Noises

Strange sounds such as door knocking, door slamming, clawing, and the sound of falling things that happen over and over again is a sign. Sometimes the sound can be barely audible,  or very loud and cause a surprise.

2. The door moves by itself

This incident is most commonly encountered but rarely seen at the time of the incident. Whether it's the closet door, the desk drawer or the door of the room. Someone who has experienced this will usually find the source of the sound and find some objects out of place, such as a moving seat. Some people have also seen themselves the phenomenon of moving objects themselves.

3. The lights go on and off by themselves

This happens not only in light bulbs, but also in other electronics such as radio or television. if it happens like this, usually the aura of the house becomes dark so you feel the heart beat faster.

4. Often the furniture moves on its own

When you see objects or furniture moving, that means the house ghosts or spirits want to interact with you. Many call this phenomenon the term 'The borrowers'.

This incident often occurs in commonly used items, such as car keys or a comb. They must have the place you used to place, and suddenly disappear from its place. You will find the item to another place, until finally the item is rediscovered in the original place. Items can return several hours to several days later.

5. Seeing a shadowy figure

Generally this figure is present just around the corner of your eyes. This form of sighting can be called the 'Shadow people'. Mostly, these shadings resemble human form in a form larger or smaller than a normal human size.

6. Unusual pet behavior

Dogs or cats will react abnormally when they see strange things. Ordinary dogs barking constantly, or refuse to enter a certain room suddenly. Cats will usually look like observing something and following the motion in focus.

7. Often feel like someone is watching you

This is not something that can be proven, but it is common. But if the feeling happens in the same place repeatedly, it may be a sign that there are other beings in the place.

8. You and your family often get sick together

This happened to a family in Bogor. At first the father got a backache. A few days later, her wife and two children also suffered from backache. It could be a ghost, spirit, or djinn with unusual powers interfering with you and your family.