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CCTV in Bogor Records Mysterious Sighting of Woman in Wedding Dress

CCTV in Bogor Records Mysterious Sighting of Woman in Wedding Dress (helen)

BOGOR, NNC - Helen had no idea that the CCTV camera that was set up next to her house managed to record a mysterious sighting in an empty house next to her residence.

Helen is a 54-year-old housewife who lives in Kayumanis area, Tanah Sereal sub-district, Bogor, West Java. To the author, she requested that the name of the residential complex she resided for the last ten years would not mentioned. However, the recording and photographs Helen gave to the author were genuine and not fabricated.

It all started from Helen's and her husband's curiosity, as they often heard voices near their house. In the middle of the night, they sometimes heard a sound of a woman crying, and at other times, the sound of a woman sobbing. When the couple located the source of the sounds, the sounds came from an empty house next to their house.

"The security guards at our residential complex have also often seen a figure of a woman in the empty house," Helen said.

The security guards said they often heard a woman crying for help in the empty house. However, they did not find any woman there at the empty house.

"Out of curiosity, my husband finally decided to install a CCTV to record activities at the empty house," she said.

The CCTV was installed at the end of March, 2018. "THe CCTV was also installed for housing security purposes," Helen added.

On Monday, April 9, 2018, the CCTV accidentally recorded a mysterious sighting. Helen noticed the recorded sighting five days later when she replayed the CCTV's recording on her computer.

Unexpectedly, the couple managed to record a sighting on the CCTV. That night, Bogor was drizzling. The CCTV recorded several creepy sightings.

Several sightings were recorded in the CCTV, including what appeared to be a gown flying into the empty house. There was also a sighting of a white shadow resembling a woman. Lastly, there was a sigthing of a scary-looking figure in the same location.

To the author, Helen gave all the documents so that it could be a lesson for many people, as she knew very well about the tragic events behind the sightings.

About 15 years ago, the house was occupied by a woman and her mother. It is said that they came from the region of Sumatra. The woman's father had died since she was a child. The woman was the youngest daughters, and her older siblings had married and moved to other cities.

The woman was dating a man from a family residing in Jakarta. Her mother was very fond of the man, and asked for the man to marry her daughter. The woman also fell in love with the man. Not long after that, the wedding day ceremony date was agreed and set.

The woman's mother felt proud, and told many people about her future daughter-in-law. She had also sent invitations to all residents in the housing complex. Their wedding party was designed with luxury, as the woman was the youngest sibling.

Somehow, the man suddenly changed his mind. Hence, the weddings ceremony and party that had been prepared was not actualized. It is said that the man married with another woman on the advice of his extended family.

The woman's mother felt great shame and embarrassment due to the failed wedding, as she had sent out her daughter's wedding invitations to everyone, and had also told stories of her future wealthy son-in-law. Due to the shame, disappointment, and embarrassment, the mother turned to become angry with her daughter.

The woman felt less miserable. She felt heartbroken when her future husband left them without any explanation. Moreover, the woman had also become a target of her mother's tantrums. Unable to endure the pain and misery, the woman was found dead in her room one day. The woman had apparently committed suicide by hanging herself while wearing her wedding dress.

The woman's mother was shocked by her daughter's suicide, and the news spread to the residential complex. Almost all the residents were present and assisted in the woman's burial, as her mother fainted and was unconscious. It is said that the mother was then brought by her relatives to Sumatra.

After a while, the house was rented out. However, the family who rented the house admitted to not being able to feel at home. They said that weird things happened at that house often. They often claimed to hear the voice of a crying woman, and seeing the sighting of a woman in a wedding dress passing by.

The family decided not to renew their rent. Since then, the house was left empty until now. Perhaps the inhabitant of the empty house is only the woman in the wedding dress.

"I hope this story can provide wisdom for all of us. People can plan things, but everything happens by the will of the Almighty. Do not let ourselves sink into desperation when things do not go out as planned," Helen said.