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Muarojambi Temple Center for Waisak Day Celebration in Sumatra

Muaro Jambi Temple.

JAMBI, NNC - Muarojambi Temple Complex in Muarojambi Regency, Jambi Province becomes the center of Waisak Day (Vesak Day) 2562/2018 celebration to be held on Tuesday (5/29/2018) tomorrow.

"This year's celebration of Waisak Day in Sumatera will be centered in Muarojambi Temple, its peak event on Tuesday (5/29/2018)," said Head of Promotion Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) of Jambi Province, Husni Thamrin in Jambi, Monday.

He said the monks in Sumatra are present at the event. In addition, a number of foreign monk representatives such as from Burma, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries are also present.

He explained that the initial procession of the activity had started on Saturday (5/26), where a number of monks walked towards the source of fire while performing the ritual of eternal fire taking in Pertamina EP I Asset Field Jambi, Sungaigelam, Muarojambi as a series of All-Sumatran Waisak 2562/2018 celebrations.

The purpose of taking the eternal fire is to be brought during the peak procession of Waisak celebration in Muarojambi Temple. The fire is to light the colored candles and is expected to solve all the problems that befell the nation and the country.

Meanwhile, Head of Section on Interagency Cooperation Relationship of Disbudapr of Jambi Province M Amril explained before the procession of perpetual fire source, there is also activity of taking of holy water at Mount Tujuh of Kerinci Regency by monks from Jambi, Lampung and Thailand as well as Buddhist youth/society of Jambi.

Amril also said through the celebration of Waisak in Muarojambi Temple it is expected to increase the economic community around the temple, increase hotel ocupancy, restaurants, entertainment and others.

"The celebration of Waisak in Muarojambi Temple is also a promotional event for the region, and the celebration is also expected to have an impact on improving the economy of the people, especially in the tourist destinations," said Amril, as quoted by Antara.

Amril added that the All-Sumatran Waisak 2018 celebration is organized by Jambi Buddhist union supported by Jambi Provincial Government and Disbudpar of Jambi Province with the theme "Harmony in diversity to strengthen the integrity of the nation".

The peak ceremony will be held on Tuesday tomorrow, while the peak of the event will be held on Tuesday night which will be colored by the release of lanterns into the air.