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Astari Vernideani Represents Indonesia at Miss Tourism International 2018

Astari Vernideani Represents Indonesia at Miss Tourism International 2018 (nnc)

JAKARTA, NNC - Consisting of thousands of exotic islands, Indonesia has a myriad of potential, especially in the qualified tourism sector. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Indonesian government and all stakeholders are trying hard to introduce the beauty of the country's tourism sector to the world.

Well, of the many efforts, one of the evidences is evident from the Putri Pariwisata or Miss Tourism who is tasked with representing and promoting the tourism sector both at home and abroad.

And to raise the name of the nation on the world stage, Putri Pariwisata Indonesia 2017 supported by El John Pageants will compete in the Miss Tourism International 2018 event. Who is the Princess of Indonesia Tourism in 2017? Let's support it!

Indonesia will be represented by Astari Indah Vernideani, who is ready to compete in the prestigious event on December 6 to 23, 2018 in Malaysia.

Astari Indah Vernideani's departure to the contest was also supported by the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism . The Ministry of Tourism has even given Astari Indah Vernideani a briefing to compete in a healthy manner with 60 finalists from various countries to compete for the 2018 Miss Tourism International crown.

Regarding the participation of Astari Indah Vernideani, Johnnie Sugiarto as the Founder of El John Indonesia Foundation said that this was due to a program called Indonesia on the World Stage.

This program, explained Johnnie, was used to introduce the winners of the princess contest or the model it held as a representative of Indonesia in every world beauty contest. That way, continued Johnnie, the name of Indonesia will be known while promoting Indonesia to the international arena.

"Not only that, the El John Indonesia Foundation also has another program, namely Bringing Indonesia Culture to The World. The participation of Princess El John in the world beauty contest will bring the program, by introducing Indonesian culture to the citizens of the world," said Johnnie, in a themed press conference 'Astari Indah Vernideani Goes to Miss International Tourism 2018' in the Cawang area, Jakarta, Friday (11/30/2018).

"So, I invite the public to support, pray for Astari Indah Vernideani in order to provide the best for Indonesia. Support from the community is very meaningful for Astari Indah Vernideani's success in the contest. Come on, support!" Johhnie continued excitedly.

In the world-class contest, Astari Indah Vernideani will use fashion designs by famous designers. Like Hengky Kawilarang, who designed the Evening Gown and also Dynan Fariz, who designed the national custome with the theme Land of Waraney. National custome which will be worn by Astari Indah Vernideani describes the charm of Minahasa.

In addition to clothing, Astari Indah Vernideani will also feature a video on Indonesian tourism promotion. This promotional video is one of the supports from the Ministry of Tourism that displays archipelago tourist destinations in the Luwuk region, Central Sulawesi.

For additional information, for the night the Grand Final of Miss Tourism International 2018 will be held on December 21, 2018 at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Grand Ballroom, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, at 19.30 local time.

"Astari is grateful for being given this very valuable opportunity. Astari gets a lot of learning, new knowledge, both in the world of pageants and tourism. Hopefully Astari can provide the best in the Miss Tourism International event. Not to forget, Astari also wants to introduce Indonesian culture so much to the world scene. And once again, Astari hopes to be able to give the best and return to win the award for national costume. Please pray and support me, "hoped Astari Indah Vernideani to end while smiling. Let's support Astari Indah Vernideani at Miss Tourism International 2018!