Sunday, 16 May 2021 | 16:12 WIB

Cibbiu: The Ghost of a Toddler Terrorizing Mothers

In an investigation behind her house, 20 bags of fetuses victims of abortion practices were found (tribratanews)

MAGELANG, NETRALNEWS - Ratna (49), a mother from Manado, North Sulawesi, recalls a mysterious ghost sighting story. She experienced the mysterious incident When visiting her brother's house in Ngargoretno Village, Salaman Subdistrict, Magelang Regency, Central Java.

To Netralnews, she said, "I went to Magelang intending on opening a new business there. Incidentally, my sister was there, too. And one afternoon near dusk, I experienced a mystical appearance."

When crossing a dark street, from the windshield of a car that was driven by her husband, Ratna saw a figure of a toddler crawling on the side of the road. Curious and moved to help the toddler, Ratna asked her husband to stop their car.

Ratna wanted to help carry the toddler and find the toddler's parents. Ratna got out of the car. But once the figure was carried, Ratna was shocked. The child's face was pale, and where the toddler's eyes should be were hollow and black.

"I was still shocked, and the child struggled, tried to grab, scratch, and bite me," Ratna said recalling the incident. Ratna then let the toddler off her and ran to safety.

The toddler then jumped and crawled quickly, then disappeared behind the bush. Ratna immediately ran scared and entered the car. They immediately left the place.

After feeling calm, Ratna and her husband realized and felt confident that they had just met the ghost of the cibbiu.

In oral traditions in Manado, Sulawesi, the ghost figure of the cibbiu is not something new. According to Ratna, the figure of a cibbiu ghost does indeed interfere with mothers. It is said that the spirit actually missed the love of a mother.

"The ghost of cibbiu in Sulawesi's public trust is the embodiment of the baby spirit of an abortion victim or a child who died due to acts of violence or as a result of being abandoned by their parents," said Ratna.

For Ratna, the story of the ghost of the cibbiu is essentially a message so that you don't ever abuse your weak child, for example by having an abortion.

In many incidents, babies in the womb of women, are apparently not desired. His mother and father refused to exist. Abortion was taken. And if the abortion doesn't work, the child experiences persecution, and sometimes death.

"The figure of the baby in the womb as well as those who have been born but are not accepted, is truly tragic. I'm sorry. So, after the incident I experienced, I went straight to the church, specifically to send prayers, "said Ratna.

According to her, the ghost of the cibbiu need not be condemned. The subtle spirit requires special prayers so that it can calm and die perfectly towards the afterlife.

When Ratna was asked, who was the ghost of the cibbiu she met, she tried to avoid answering the question.

After being pressured, Ratna said: "Actually I did not know for sure about the origin of the cibbiu who appeared to me. But if pressed, I can only argue, it could be, the spirit is a victim of abortion in the area around Magelang. "

Ratna's answer reminded the dark memories of June 2018. Is there a connection?

As reported by many mass media, in Salaman Subdistrict, Magelang Regency, there was a horrendous cases. Yamini (67), a grandmother known as a masseuse and child shaman, was arrested and detained by police for illegal abortion.

In an investigation behind her house, 20 bags of fetuses victims of abortion practices were found. For her actions, Yamini remained in prison for the rest of her life.

However, when linking between Yamini news and the appearance of a cibbiu figure, Ratna was once again unable to answer and tried to avoid the question.

"Wow sorry, I'm not a paranormal. I just hope that hopefully the Yamini case will not happen again. Every child in the womb should be accepted and raised by their parents. That's all hope that I can convey," Ratna concluded.