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Palangkaraya Set to Host the Isen Mulang Cultural Festival

Palangkaraya Set to Host the Isen Mulang Cultural Festival (borneo)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS - The unique culture of Dayak ethnic communities from 14 districts/cities in Central Kalimantan will be displayed in the Isen Mulang Cultural Festival (FBIM). The festival will be a special attraction and strength for the event to be held in Palangkaraya on May 18-24 2019.

FBIM 2019 is an anticipated cultural event because of its uniqueness so that it can continue to run until now entering the 26th year.

"One of the conditions for a cultural festival can develop and last, among others, because it is unique that is not found elsewhere. This is owned by FBIM which is now entering its 26th year," said Deputy Minister of Marketing Development I Ministry of Tourism Rizky Handayani in his press release, Tuesday (03/19/2019).

Central Kalimantan Provincial Secretary Fahrizal Fitri, Head of Central Kalimantan Province Culture and Tourism Office Guntur Talajan, and a number of regents and deputy regents throughout Central Kalimantan attended the 2019 FBIM press conference.

The holding of the 2019 FBIM with the theme "The Existence of Local Wisdom Towards Central Kalimantan Blessings" will feature a variety of cultures from various ethnic groups in Central Kalimantan. The event will take place in Palangkaraya on May 18-24 2019. Meanwhile, the Babukung Festival 2019 is a death ritual ceremony (Tiwah Ceremony) of the Dayak Tribe that will take place in Lamandau Regency on July 18-22 2019.

On this occasion, Rizky Handayani explained, Kalimantan should have a big event that illustrates the unique local culture held at a cultural festival to illustrate the tourist attraction of Borneo culture.

"The Ministry of Tourism is ready to promote the uniqueness of Borneo culture in its own media and paid media, as well as endorsers," said Rizky Handayani. He also hoped that the implementation of the FBIM in addition to promoting cultural values ​​must also be balanced with the commercial side so that the festival could be sustainable and of higher quality.

Fahrizal Fitri said the holding of FBIM 2019 in Palangkaraya and the Babukung Festival 2019 in Lamandau Regency will be combined with Tanjung Puting tourist attractions as orangutan conservation, which thousands of tourists visit each year. "Tourists visiting Tanjung Puting are interested in watching the uniqueness of the Tiwah ceremony at the Babukung Festival held in Lamandau District, which is located not far from Tanjung Puting," said Fahrizal Fitri.

Fahrizal Fitri continued that Palangkaraya City as the venue for the FBIM 2019 has an attraction as one of the two cities in the world besides Brazil which acts as the 'lungs of the world'. Palangkaraya is also the 'heart of Borneo (Heart of Borneo / HoB)' which covers 3 countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.