Saturday, 23 January 2021 | 21:38 WIB

Nine Types of Employees: Which One are You?

There are nine types of employees. (Ilustrasi:SDM)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - A company consists of different personality types of people. In fact, some characters suppor a solid teamwork and some does not.

However, it would be nice if the employees of a company can work along together. Well, here are nine types of employees, which one are you?

1. The Bambi

Do you know bambi? The bright-eyed and bushy-tailed deer? The  bambi type is usually a new recruit full of vitality and passion flared. They always smile and cheerful. The bambi is usually a fresh graduate full of curiosity and spirit of learning. They are eager to please and crave learning, mentorship and new opportunities.

2. The Loyalist

Those who are very loyal to the job or company. To recognize this type is very easy, they’ll talk your ear off about their work or company without being asked. Usually they are often chosen to be exemplary employees because of the unlimited dedication they show each day.

3. The Alpha

Alphas are the force leader of the loyalist. They’ll eventually run business units and ultimately, the company. Alphas love crushing competition and playing the corporate game. Their identity, self-worth and status are linked to their corporate conquests. They value tutelage and access to people they respect. 

4. The Survivor

Survivors make it to senior positions, but don’t quite have the horsepower as the Alphas. They don’t like taking risks and don’t want to change the world, unless it’s a sure thing. Some are master manipulators. A few get inexplicable promotions after their last assignment flops. Some get moved sideways forever – sometimes into good jobs that would be better served by others.

5. The Natural 

Naturals are ambitious and talented, often compete with the Alphas. However they tend to be more humble, low profile and jocular. They deliver results and earn genuine loyalty and respect from peers and subordinates. Naturals are born networkers and build reciprocal relationships. 

6. The Soldier

Soldiers are solid team players. They’re not as well-rounded as Naturals or Alphas and seek out clarity. But they can be great at one thing like project management, analysis, process improvement or people development. When in the right roles, they shine, but there’s often a ceiling to their ascent. They lack the networking.

7. The Pragmatist

Pragmatists are generally more skeptical, analytical, and idealistic. When orders or goals are to be sure in their eyes, they will work with the maximum and give the best results. Pragmatic groups are very good in strategy and analysis.

8. The Heretic

Heretics are a wildcard. Some are visionary idealists and innovators who can change the company or the world. Others just don’t like rules and are difficult to work with. Heretics’ need help translating their best efforts into the company’s language so others can codify and build on their successes.

9. The Toiler

Toilers represent those who work for money, view work as necessary to get to what matters most to them outside of work. Toilers may not be looking to conquer the corporate world, but they are essential to the success of any company.