Tuesday, 19 November 2019 | 14:04 WIB

Forest and Land Fire Area Shrinks 71.5 Percent to 124,983 Hectares in 2017

Forest and Land Fire Area Shrinks 71.5 Percent to 124,983 Hectares in 2017 (doc: bnpb)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Based on satellite image monitoring conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry from January to September 2017, the area of forest and land fires reaches 124,983 hectares (ha).

This figure is far down to 71.5 percent compared to the year 2016 which is an area of 438,360 ha, and more significant when compared to the year 2015 reached 2.61 million ha.

After the forest fires in 2015, the Indonesian government began to prioritize prevention efforts and conduct early response (before the crisis phase). Previously, efforts were taken to focus more on karhutla events (during the crisis phase).

In addition, the integration of the parties, both central and regional governments, Indonesian Military (TNI), National Police (Polri), private sector, and communitie in handling forest and land fires, also contributed to reduce the incidence of forest fires, especially in vulnerable areas.

"At the site level, the key to the successful handling of forest fires in 2017, is not separated from the synergy and good cooperation between all parties, such as Manggala Agni of the Ministry of Forestry, BNPB, BPBD, TNI, Polri, local government, private parties, community leaders, and other relevant parties ", said the Director of Forest and Land Fire Control at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Raffles B Panjaitan on Sunday (22/10/2017).

According to Raffles, the synergy produces real results in the field. Although fires are still occurring in some areas, it does not cause widespread smoke impact and does not incur major losses such as the events of 2015.

Raffles is also proud that Indonesia's efforts and achievements in suppressing karhutla levels have received positive responses from several neighboring countries, at the 13th ASEAN Conference of the Parties (ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Hazard Pollution (COP-AATHP), in Brunei Darussalam, September then.