Saturday, 11 July 2020 | 14:33 WIB

Committee I of DPD Impromptu Visit, Inspecting Banyuwangi Smart Village

Committee I of Regional Representative Council (DPD) visited Banyuwangi Regency.

BANYUWANGI, NNC - Committee I of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) was conducting a working visit to Banyuwangi Regency in order to see the implementation of village development, especially related to the utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) to support public services at the village level.

Vice Chairman of Committee 1 of DPD Benny Rhamdani who became the leader of the entourage said the development of village administration in Banyuwangi has been running well. Moreover, various programs initiated by district government can be synergistic with the village. "I think the village development effort in Banyuwangi is going well, I can give it a plus," Benny told reporters on Monday (12/4/2017).

While in Banyuwangi, the four members of DPD visited a number of public service locations, a public service mall which is a public service center that integrates 142 types of services from various sectors, Ketapang Village whose population data has been integrated into a system, and Tamansari village - the pilot for smart village (Smart Kampung).

Meanwhile, Vice Regent of Banyuwangi Yusuf Widiyatmoko explained, it is well aware that the village should be the front guard of public service.

"Banyuwangi already has Smart Kampung, a village development program from various sectors using information technology (IT). This is part of government efforts, to be able to direct the Village Fund in accordance with the spirit of the background of the Village Law," he said.

"We also prepare the e-village budgeting system and e-monitoring system so that the implementation of innovation in the village can be accountable, so that the village officers are also comfortable to work because the responsibility is in accordance with the system," added Yusuf.

For information, Smart Kampung of Banyuwangi requires the existence of seven criteria, namely public services, economic empowerment, health services, educational and cultural arts development, human resources improvement, poverty alleviation, and legal information literacy. All these criteria are assisted by the utilization of ICT, where there are now 133 villages with fiber optic.