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Syamsuddin Haris Has Expectation for Religion Minister, Vice President on Call to Prayer Protest Case

Meiliana is sentenced to 18 months in prison by the Tanjung Balai District Court.

JAKARTA, NNC –  A woman by name Meiliana is sentenced to 18 months in prison by the Tanjung Balai District Court simply because she protested that the volume for the call to prayer was too loud.

Her family had apologized. But the reconciliation effort was unrequited.

The case that ensnared Meiliana actually happened in 2016. At that time, she asked the mosque management around her residence to reduce the volume of loudspeakers. She claimed to feel uncomfortable by mosque loudspeakers.

Previously, Minister of Religion, Lukman Hakin Saifudin spoke about the case through his twitter account.

"In my opinion, the application of Article 156a of Law 1/PNPS/1965 in the case of Ms. Meliana cannot stand alone, because it must be linked to the context of Article 1 of the Act," Lukman said on his personal Twitter account @Lukmansaifuddin, Thursday (8/23/2018)

Related to this, researcher of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Syamsuddin Haris, hoped that the Minister of Religion and Vice President Jusuf Kalla would not only be able to speak out but could take real policy steps so that in the future such cases would not be repeated.

"We hope the Minister of Religion @Lukmansaifuddin and @Pak_JK do not just speak out about the Meiliana case, which was sentenced to 18 months because of her criticism of the excessive volume of the call to prayer, but also should take concrete policy steps to avoid similar cases in the future," said Syamsuddin Haris Thursday (8/23/2018).

Syamsuddin Haris’ tweet was responded by people on the internet with various comments.

The following are various comments on Twitter monitored by NNC, Friday (8/23/2018)

@Vendra_Deje: Agree ... There must be concrete and convincing steps. Selfishness in religion + the feeling of being of a majority has hurt the value of universal justice in this country.

@IElbero: Call to prayer will still reverberate ... If the call to prayer is no longer reverberant, the sign of the end of time is near.