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Indonesia-US Strengthen Cooperation in Combating Terrorism

Indonesia-US Strengthen Cooperation Signing MOU on Combating Terrorism

JAKARTA, NNC – Indonesia took strategic steps through the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) signing a Memorandum of Outstanding (MoU) with the United States Counter Terrorism Agency in Jakarta, Friday (9/14/2018).

It is hoped that closer cooperation tied to a MoU will further strengthen counter-terrorism between the state, especially between Indonesia and the US.

The MoU was signed by the Head of BNPT Commissioner General of Police Suhardi Alius and US Counterterrorism Coordinator Nathan A. Sales. The MoU was witnessed by representatives of relevant institutions in handling terrorism in Indonesia, among others the Coordinating Ministry for Politics and Security, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, National Police, National Intelligence Agency (BIN), AGO, INTRAC, and others.

"This MoU is very important in combating terrorism in both countries. Moreover, there are a lot of Indonesians who travel to the US and vice versa US citizens to Indonesia. We will continue to exchange information and communicate so that the two countries can anticipate terrorism," said Suhardi Alius.

It is hoped that continued Suhardi Alius, in the future the two countries could be free from terrorism. Thus, automatically it will have a positive impact, i.e., in addition to safe and secure conditions, economically it is also very beneficial for both countries.

Because if the country is safe the investment from abroad will be even greater, as well as in the tourism sector that will suck up the arrival of foreign tourists.

Suhardi revealed so far the BNPT has continued to strengthen internal coordination with 36 related agencies in counter terrorism, according to the mandate of the Law.

BNPT realizes that tackling terrorism requires comprehensive efforts and involves many parties, both internal and international cooperation.

On that occasion, Suhardi expressed his aspiration to all representatives of relevant Ministries or Institutions in Indonesia who have contributed and collaborated so that the MoU on counter terrorism between Indonesia and the US could be formulated and signed.

The former West Java Regional Police Chief also expressed his gratitude to the US government for making an active effort to continue to coordinate and negotiate so that this MoU can be completed.

"This MoU marks a step forward in cooperation in combating terrorism between the two countries. This is also the momentum for the commencement of more concrete and practical cooperation which is expected to be able to answer the challenges of counter terrorism, not only for the two countries, but also for the whole world," said Suhardi again.

In the future, said Suhardi, this MoU is expected to become an umbrella for cooperation law on counterterrorism prevention that is useful to relevant Ministries and Institutions to exchange information, experiences and practices, as well as strengthen and increase human resource capacity.

Meanwhile, US Counterterrorism Coordinator Nathan A. Sales revealed that this MoU would be very beneficial for both countries in tackling terrorism. Moreover, the two countries have been subjected to acts of terror and threats, especially from the ISIS group.

"We will be a solid partner in combating terrorism because Indonesia and the US share experience in dealing with terrorism," said Sales.

According to Sales, this MoU will provide benefits in detecting every effort of terrorism. By exchanging information, later sources of terrorism funding, data of people who enter and exit the country can be traced, and so on.