Thursday, 01 October 2020 | 19:28 WIB

BMKG: Heavy Rain with Lightning and Strong Winds to Occur in These Areas

Illustration of rain

BANDARLAMPUNG, NNC - The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) announced an early warning of a bad weather accompanied with heavy rain, lightning and strong winds predicted to occur in a number of areas in Lampung Province on Thursday and Friday morning, Oct 12.

According to BMKG, as stated in a release by the Forecaster on Duty Team of Meteorological Station Radin Inten II Lampung, in Branti, on Thursday, heavy rain accompanied by lightning and strong winds are expected to occur in the afternoon and evening in areas of West Lampung District, West Coast and Tanggamus.

BMKG said that if significant weather changes occur, it will be give updates and information via WhatsApp Group (0816404333) and Facebook (Lampung BMKG Infocuaca) or can be accessed directly through website.

This weather forecast for Lampung Province is valid from 7 a.m. (Oct 11) til 7 a.m. (Oct 12) Western Indonesian Time, saying that the wind generally moves from the east to the southeast at speeds between 3-15 knots, with visibility ranging from 5-10 km.

Air temperatures will mostly range between 23-34 degrees Celsius, except areas in western Lampung (West Lampung District, Tanggamus, and West Coast) ranging between 17-30 degrees Celsius.

Humidity in will be around 47-92 percent, except in areas of western Lampung (West Lampung District, Tanggamus, and West Coast) ranging between 65-97 percent.

Areas of Lampung is predicted to be bright and cloudy in the morning.

Meanwhile, bright and cloudy skies are expected to occur at noon, while areas in Tulangbawang Barat District, Central Lampung, Metro City, and Bandarlampung are predicted to be showered by light-medium rain.

At night, the weather is forecast to be cloudy, with rain potentially occurring in areas of West Lampung District, Way Kanan, Tanggamus, Pringsewu, and Central Lampung. Expect cloudy skies to occur in the early hours of Friday.