Monday, 06 April 2020 | 05:26 WIB

KPAI Reveals New Trend in Babies Trafficking Crime via Social Media

Illustration: Babies trafficking crime

JAKARTA, NNC - The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) revealed a new trend in the crime of child trafficking, that is, through social media. KPAI considers that all Indonesian people must observe this trend.

"Buying and selling through social media and entering into a category of consultation or vent is a new trend in the crime of child trafficking that must be watched out. They are suspected of continuing to involve syndicates from groups that are experienced in the field of medical personnel, who have close access to babies," said KPAI Commissioner for Trafficking and Exploitation Ai Maryati Solihah, Friday (10/19/2018).

This statement was delivered by Ai, following the case of the sale of two babies in Surabaya, aged three days and 11 months old respectively. The first baby was sold because the mother wanted to pay for the social gathering, while the other baby was sold because the baby is the result of an illicit relationship through Instagram social media.

KPAI appreciates the Surabaya City Resort Police Department has dismantled and continued to push to thoroughly investigate the development of this case so that all perpetrators can be arrested. Furthermore, the maximum threat for perpetrators in Law 35/2014 on Child Protection is 15 years and the Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE) Law must be enforced because it has used social media services for trafficking crimes.

Currently the victims have been secured by the police and subsequently are in the care of Surabaya's social service. This effort is carried out to ensure that conditions are protected and still get basic rights and good care.

According to Ai, seeing the development it should be suspected this type of trafficking crime does not work alone, but has a syndicate organized in buying and selling babies. As for the traditional way where the babies were taken directly from the hospital by involving health workers, it has often been easily revealed like the events in Simalungun in 2017, eight babies and children under 10 were sold.

"Of course this event is a valuable lesson about the importance of socializing child adoption legally, then preventing the occurrence of cohabiting and promiscuity in the community. Socialization needs to be carried out so that the practice of infant killing, infant disposal, baby selling can be prevented as early as possible," explained Ai.

Until September 2018 data on child trafficking and which included child sales were 52 cases. According to Ai, this is a sign the revitalization of the coordination of various parties to save the nation's children, the children who connect civilizations, must be improved.