Monday, 06 April 2020 | 05:39 WIB

3 Children Suspected of Having HIV/AIDS Forced to Live in Forests

KPAI's Commissioner for Education, Retno Listyarti

JAKARTA, NNC - There are three children from Samosir District suspected of being HIV/AIDS who are driven away from their village into the forest. The three children are H (11), SA (10) and S (7).

KPAI regretted the attitude of the Samosir Regency government and the ranks of Regional Device Organizations (OPD) and the community that did not protect the three victims' rights as children. KPAI assesses, the community actually discriminates the children by stopping them from going to school and even isolating them by placing them in the Parlilitan forest.

"This is an act of violation of children's rights and human rights, and is very inhumane. The three children are suspected by the public of having HIV/AIDS from their parents," said KPAI’s Commissioner for Education, Retno Listyarti, Thursday (10/25/2018).

Nainggolan Village residents have given a deadline of no later than October 25 for the three children to leave their village. For KPAI, this is a poor attitude because of a lack of understanding of the disease and people with HIV/AIDS.

KPAI also regretted the results of the coordination meeting led by the Deputy Regent of Samosir and the relevant DPOs and representatives of caregivers and companions of the three victims' in the Bupati's office, whereas the meeting produced agreements that are not appropriate and violate children's rights. 

"KPAI encourages and asks the state to be present and immediately fulfill all of the human rights of these three children. This is in the best interests of the children," said Retno.