Saturday, 28 November 2020 | 01:00 WIB

Police Reveal BNI Burglary Case, by Way of Illegal Transfer Mode

State-Owned BNI

PEKANBARU, NNC - The Riau Regional Police's Special Crime Investigation Directorate (Ditreskrimsus) managed to uncover the case of BNI's burglary by way of illegal transfer mode which caused the state-owned bank to suffer a loss of IDR563 million.

In this case the police arrested a man with the initials HG (37) in Kuantan Singingi Regency, Riau Province.

"This case is fairly new and for the first time the Riau Regional Police revealed it," said Head of the Riau Police Public Relations Division Senior Commissioner of Police Sunarto in Pekanbaru on Friday (10/26/2018).

The mode used by the perpetrator is considered unique because HG managed to make money transfer up to 32 times in a short time, in just three days. In that short period of time, the thin man with almost bald thin hair managed to transfer money to various intermediary accounts belonging to him up to IDR563 million.

As quoted from Antara, the burglary case by way of the illegal transfer of funds was successfully revealed by the Riau Regional Police's Ditreskrimsus ranks on October 20, 2018. The case was revealed after the state-owned BNI 46 reported to the Riau Regional Police because of suspicious funds flowing from HG's account.

In the case which in law is referred to as an illegal fund transfer, HD committed the offense in a simple way, just with a BNI'46 account, an ATM card and an EDC (Electronic Data Capture) device.

The perpetrator transferred money stored in his account to a number of accounts, including his wife's account. The accounts are not only BNI's, but also a number of other banks such as Mandiri and BRI.

When transferring from his account using EDC, a device that is widely used by bank customers is made error. As a result, the transfer seems to fail so that the balance in his account was not reduced, but the balance in the target accounts actually added.

"Transfers were carried out repeatedly from October 3-6. In total 32 transfers were made by the suspect. The figures were different, from IDR2 million to IDR30 million, with a total of IDR563 million," Sunarto said.

Sunarto explained that the EDC machine used by the suspect was loaned by BNI after HG had been an agent of BNI since 2016. HG was not a former bank employee who understood the ins and outs of the form of fund transfers.

Sunarto ensured that the action was carried out by HG, who has now been determined as a suspect under the Law Number 3 of 2011 on Fund Transfers, starting from trial and error which he was carried out while being a BNI 46 agent.

"The suspect was charged with Article 85 in conjunction with Article 82 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 3 of 2011 with the threat of a maximum of five years in prison and a fine of IDR5 billion," explained Sunarto.