Monday, 06 April 2020 | 05:29 WIB

KPAI Provides Tips on Picking Up Children to Avoid Risk of Kidnapping

Retno Listyarti of KPAI

JAKARTA, NNC - Commissioner of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) for Education, Retno Listyarti appealed to parents not to easily believe in various information about child abduction on social media and only trust news broadcasted by authorized institutions and agencies.

Retno also assessed that children need to be educated about to whom they can ask for help in certain situations. Try to get the child to ask for help from someone wearing a uniform, for example a security guard.

Retno added, if the parents, usually mothers, are late to pick up or cannot pick up to school and have to send an uncle, aunt or another person, it is important to make a pact with the child concerning a password. So if anyone want to pick up the child, the child must ask for the correct password from that person.

"It is important that parents teach children the agreement with a password. So if the person picking up the child cannot mention the correct password, the child will know not to come with the person," Retno said recently in Jakarta.

This statement was delivered by Retno following the large amount of information circulating in social media related to abduction cases, and not necessarily all of them were true. However, it is also possible that being late in picking up children from school can be one factor that increase the risk of abduction.