Saturday, 25 January 2020 | 11:15 WIB

Using a Mobile Phone at a Traffic Light Stop is Now a Violation

Using a Mobile Phone at a Traffic Light Stop is Now a Violation (ninepickle)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- Jakarta Metro Police will limit the use of cellular phones on roads, especially when stopping at intersections with traffic lights.

Traffic Director of Metro Jaya Regional Police, Senior Commissioner Yusuf said that his office decided to enter into a violation for drivers who operate cell phones when stopping in front of a red light.

"The activity can interfere with the concentration so we set it to be a form of traffic violation. If you are driving, even though there is a red light, you still have to pay attention to traffic conditions, especially the traffic lights," Director of Traffic at Metro Jaya Police Commissioner Yusuf, Monday.
Jusuf further emphasized that the ban applies not only to intersections, but also to all roads,

"The regulation does not apply to vehicles that stop at a location that does not violate regulations. Cellular phones are considered to cause three disturbances, namely visual, manual, and reflex interference," he said.

According to Yusuf, in dealing with violations of cellphone use, in addition to being carried out by officers in the field, the police also use surveillance camera technology in electronic ticketing systems.