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KPAI: Children in Prison Must Still Be Given Rights to Take National Exams

KPAI: Children in Prison Must Still Be Given Rights to Take National Exams (cbc)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS - The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) has encouraged the Indonesian central government and regional governments to be obliged to facilitate the rights of children that are in prison to take exams as a form of fulfilling their rights to education.

The KPAI Commissioner for Education Retno Listyarti said, whatever the mistakes of the students, the children should still be given the right to take the exam. Retno said, children of criminal offenders, who faced the law and were in the LAPAS Children were still given the opportunity to take part in the National Examination under the guards of the police.

KPAI warns that children who are considered to have committed violations, the right to education must still be guaranteed in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Child Protection Act. The right of the child to take the exam must still be fulfilled, but related to graduation, it is the right of the educator and the education unit as determined in the regulations and graduation criteria.

"The criteria for graduation consist of 4 things, namely completing the entire learning program, obtaining minimal attitudes / behaviors, either taking the National Examination, and passing the National Standardized School Examination (USBN) according to the criteria set by the education unit," said Retno to Netralnews, on Tuesday (03/19/2019).

Regarding children who attend school in an emergency situation in emergency schools, according to the KPAI, the government is obliged to fully facilitate the USBN and its National Exams with questionable material adapted to the limits that children can solve in emergency situations.

Whereas children whose areas are directly affected by disasters and events have just occurred, such as the disaster in Sentani (Papua), the Regional Government and Central Government must immediately anticipate these conditions so that children in the affected areas can still participate in the USBN and UN implementation. just counting the days.

This statement was conveyed by Retno, because KPAI received many complaints related to the 2019 National Examination (UN). As is known, currently almost all high school / vocational students throughout Indonesia have implemented USBN.

On March 25-28 2019 the implementation of the National Examination for SMK students and 1,2,4 and April 8 2019 for high school / MA students. While the National Examination Board only needs to count the days, until today there are hundreds of children at risk of being unable to participate in USBN and UN in 2019 for various reasons.

There are various cases that cause children to be threatened not being able to participate in USBN and UN. One that threatens the test is the case of children dealing with law and natural disasters.