Monday, 16 September 2019 | 15:03 WIB

Entikong Customs Office Unfoil Smuggling of Protected Arowana

Entikong Customs Office Unfoil Smuggling of Protected Arowana (hobby)

PONTIANAK, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesia Customs and Excise Supervision and Service Office of the Type of Customs and Excise C Entikong, Sanggau District, West Kalimantan, have foiled the smuggling of 295 super red arowana species, including those protected by law.

"The arowana fish smuggling was unfoiled at around 12:30 a.m. which was brought by the two Damri Bus drivers with the KB 7576 S police number to Kuching, Malaysia," said Head of Internal Compliance and Counseling KPPBC Customary Type C C Entikong Erif Budhi.

He said the smuggling of arowana fish was based on an examination of the cargo room on the bus, found three large bags containing arowana fish seeds which were deliberately hidden in a special place to store the passenger goods of the bus.

"Based on the results of the examination, we coordinated with the Entikong Fisheries Quarantine to handle evidence in the form of arowana fish seeds, and Entikong Police to carry out further investigations, and the evidence in the form of the Arowana fish and Damri Buses was also confiscated," he said again.

According to him, until now his side is still conducting research and preparation to be delegated to the Fish Quarantine Center of Entikong Fisheries Quality and Safety Control, as well as to secure the evidence of fish so as not to die.

"Until now, we have only examined the Damri Bus driver and the status is still being examined, because it is a means of carrying the Arowana fish seeds, and the origin of the Arowana fish is also unknown," said Erif.

Erif added, one of the Damri Bus drivers with the initials BS (49) died of a heart attack.

"BS when going to be examined in the investigation room suddenly fainted before reaching the investigator's room, so that it was immediately rushed to the Entikong Health Center, then one hour later was declared dead by the team of doctors of the Entikong Health Center due to a heart attack," Erif explained.

From the other driver's information initials Zai (55), BS's associate, when the bus they were carrying began arriving in Sosok, the deceased had complained of being unwell, so the driver should have been replaced, but Zai had driven or carried the bus starting from Pontianak to Entikong, he said again.

Super red Arowana fish is one type of wildlife that is protected by law.