Saturday, 04 July 2020 | 07:10 WIB

Densus 88 Seizes Two Bombs From a Mobile Phone Shop in Bekasi

Densus 88 Seizes Two Bombs From a Mobile Phone Shop in Bekasi (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The 88 Anti Terror Special Detachment (Densus 88) has searched a cellular telephone shop in Bekasi, West Java, and found two bombs.

The Head of the Public Information Bureau of the Indonesian National Police (Polri), Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo, in his short message confirmed this.

"Yes it is really active, by Densus 88 and currently the case is being developed," Dedi said in a text message, in Jakarta, quoted from Antara.

Still according to Antara, Detachment 88 conducted a search on behalf of Rafli at the Wanky Cell mobile store located on Jalan Mukhtar Tabrani, West Bekasi, West Java.

In the search, the police found two iron pipe bombs that were not equipped with a switch (switching), Lengkeng booster fertilizer, HCL in bottles, white powder (still in the treatment of puslabfor) and some liquid in the bottle (still in puslabfor planting).

Nevertheless, Dedi has not been able to ascertain whether this search was related to members of Jamaah Ansharut Daullah (JAD) who was arrested in Babelan, Bekasi, a few days ago.

"It is being developed, please be patient first. Later we submit the development," said Dedi.

Previously, Densus 88 made arrests of suspected terrorists from the Lampung Jamaah Ansharut Daullah (JAD) network who were arrested in Bekasi and Bitung.

Allegedly, they will plan their action to target the police and the momentum of the 2019 election. The targets include the action of people power and the Jatiasih Pospol for their actions.

To date, eight members of Lampung JAD have been arrested, namely RH and M (Bitung), S (Bekasi), AN (Bekasi), MC (Tegal), MI (Bekasi), IF (Bekasi), T MD (Bekasi) .