Wednesday, 21 Augst 2019 | 12:34 WIB

Ridwan Kamil Targets West Java to be Free of Malaria by 2022

Ridwan Kamil Targets West Java to be Free of Malaria by 2022 (tekno)

BANDUNG, NETRALNEWS.COMWest Java Governor M Ridwan Kamil targets West Java to be free of malaria by 2022. Currently, malaria cases in West Java are known to continue to decline every year.

"At present 85 percent or 23 regencies/cities in West Java have received elimination certification or are declared free of malaria," Governor Emil said, in Antara West Java Provincial Government's press release received by Antara in Bandung on Monday (05/13/2019).

Today, Governor Emil is the seminar speaker at the peak of the commemoration of World Malaria Day 2019, themed "Global Zero Malaria Start With Me" and the national theme of Free National Malaria Achievement at Sasana Budaya Kertalangu, Denpasar City, Bali

In front of the seminar participants, Governor Emil presented data from the West Java Health Office which recorded in 2013 663 malaria cases, 2014 (501) cases, 2015 (344) cases, 2016 (327) cases, 2017 (330) cases, 2018 (205 ) case. While during 2019 there were only 18 malaria cases.

He said that until now malaria was still endemic in four districts, namely Pangandaran, Garut, Sukabumi and Tasikmalaya.

"To endemic in Sukabumi, Garut and Tasik are cases of imported malaria, while in Pangandaran it occurs because of local transmission. But these four districts are still low in endemic categories, namely annual paracyte incidence," he said.

"Our target is to be a malaria-free zone within two years until this year. In essence, I am very optimistic that I hope that next year I can report massive progress to help Indonesia zero malaria," Emil said.

Various efforts to achieve malaria elimination in West Java continue to be carried out. Such as the involvement of thousands of health center cadres, village activists, family planning forces, especially in the four exposed areas.

"We have many health center cadres, thousands of village driving forces, KB troops, I embrace them so that they are multifunctional so they are not only covered," he said.

These four exposed areas generally come into contact with the coast.

For this reason, Governor Emil has instructed to take blood samples in endemic areas and be investigated in collaboration with Padjajaran University.

Then conducting a behavioral survey of exposed patients was also being carried out.

"In the coastal area we provide the kind of fish that we will sow to ensure that if there are larvae it can be finished by an ecological mechanism. The point is that environmental health is preferred, we have a program to recycle plastic waste into fuel, planting mangroves in the sea area," Emil said.

Emil reminded districts / cities that were not exposed to endemic areas so that they would not fall asleep as the circular issued to accelerate malaria elimination in 27 West Java regencies/cities.

"We have conveyed the SE not only to the exposed areas but also to all regions to keep from not being exposed to being exposed," he said.

According to Emil, malaria endemic is caused by local distribution and migration and for endemic treatment caused by migration there needs to be a specific strategy.

"Migration is rather difficult, there must be a special strategy, there have also been cases of foreign tourists that we do not expect. Then those who have been exposed are not 100 percent lost but there are a percentage who still live in the body," Emil said.