Monday, 18 November 2019 | 23:47 WIB

LRT Optimistic on Becoming Favorite Mode of Transit in Jakarta

LRT Optimistic on Becoming Favorite Mode of Transit in Jakarta (transport)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Jakarta Light Rail Transit (LRT) Corporate Communication officer Melisa Suciati said the company is optimistic that in the future LRT will become one of the favorite modes of transportation for the people of Jakarta.

"Actually there is no competition with other transportation because we are determined to complement each other. But we are optimistic, "Melisa said.

Melisa said the LRT would have complete and up-to-date facilities at the station such as the existence of prayer rooms, nursing rooms, clinics, toilets, cctvs, elevators and escalators which would make it easier for LRT users to travel.

In addition, the Jakarta LRT which is also part of the Jak Lingko government program, which is a one-price transportation program for one trip launched by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, is considered responsible for providing good service to the community.

"We support each other in the government program through Jak Lingko," he said.

Melisa said that the integration between the Jakarta LRT and Transjakarta corridor four would be an added value for the Jakarta LRT.

"The skybridge development will integrate physically with the Transjakarta corridor four in the Pulo Gadung-Dukuh Atas department," Melisa said.

The integration further broadens the reach of this latest transportation mode to the people of Jakarta City.

"For this reason, the trip offered by the Jakarta LRT is not only from Kelapa Gading to Velodrom, but also Kelapa Gading - Dukuh Atas via Transjakarta integration corridor four," Melisa said.

He hopes that Jakarta LRT can become a mode of transportation that can ease the journey of the community and be able to contribute more to overcome the congestion that occurs in the Capital City of DKI Jakarta.

"All our efforts are made so that the community can transport publicly in a comfortable, safe and fast manner," Melisa said, as quoted by Antara.