Monday, 16 September 2019 | 15:02 WIB

Facebook to Comply with Temporary Restriction on Social Media Access

Facebook to Comply with Temporary Restriction on Social Media Access (qz)

 JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Facebook says it would cooperate with the Indonesian government regarding the restrictions placed on social media platforms following the spread of hoaxes and hate speech related to the May 22 protests.

"Responding to the security situation that has occurred in Jakarta today, we continue to coordinate with the Indonesian government and act in accordance with our capabilities," a Facebook spokesman said in an official statement on Wednesday (5/22/2019).

Facebook promised to continue to provide services for their users to be able to connect with friends and families.

"We will continue to hold a commitment to continue to provide services for the community so that they can continue to communicate with relatives and families," said the spokesman.

As reported by Antara, the Indonesian government has temporarily limited social media access to prevent the spread of hoax and hate speech.

The limitation affects social media that cannot be accessed through cellular networks, including through data packages on cellphones or Wi-Fi connections.

The limitations experienced when accessing social media vary. Although the content is limited to videos and photos, a number of users report that they cannot send text messages through the WhatsApp application.

Internet users also complained that they could not access Facebook, Instagram and Twitter since Wednesday afternoon.