Monday, 23 September 2019 | 01:53 WIB

Several Heads of State Congratulate Joko Widodo

Several Heads of State Congratulate Joko Widodo (kpu)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - A number of leaders of friendly countries have expressed congratulations to President Joko Widodo for winning the 2019 Presidential Election in Indonesia.

ANTARA reported on Wednesday that a number of friendly country leaders conveyed their comments both directly and through Twitter social media including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

"His Excellency President Erdogan expressed his congratulations on the re-election of His Excellency President Joko Widodo," said the Turkish Embassy account in Jakarta, @TC_CakartaBE on Twitter social media.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir also conveyed the same thing, and congratulated and hoped for closer cooperation.

"I said the throne to Mr @jokowi for the official victory as President of the Republic of Indonesia. I hope that the cooperation between the two countries will be even stronger after this," Mahathir said in his quotation with the @chedetoofficial account.

Reported by Antara, Wednesday (5/22/2019), besides that, Indian PM Narendra Modi expressed his congratulations on Jokowi's re-election as President through Twitter.

"I congratulate @jokowi for his re-election as President. As two major democratic countries, we have the pride of carrying out a successful democratic party," said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Twitter account with @narendramodi account.

Modi hopes that in seventy years of India-Indonesia diplomatic relations, it can continue to deepen the two countries' comprehensive strategic partnership.

Meanwhile, in addition to congratulating Jokowi, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stressed that Indonesia is one of Australia's strategic relations partners.

"We look forward to deepening the relationship between Australia and Indonesia in all our common interests," Scott said in his account, @scottmorrison.

Then quoted from the Xinhua news agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping did not miss saying congratulations on Jokowi's re-election as President.

Xi explained that China and Indonesia were natural partners as two developing countries and had common interests in a number of fields both bilaterally, regionally and multilaterally.

Previously, the General Election Commission (KPU) had completed the recapitulation of the vote results of the national presidential election, in which presidential and vice-presidential candidate 01 Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin won 85.6 million votes, while the vice-presidential candidate 02 Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno got 68.65 million votes.