Saturday, 18 January 2020 | 01:30 WIB

Five Foreigners Arrested in Bali for Trafficking Drugs

Five Foreigners Arrested in Bali for Trafficking Drugs (netralnews)

DENPASAR, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Denpasar Police, along with the CTOC Task Force, have arrested five foreign nationals in relation to drug smuggling and trading.

The five suspects were two from Russia, two from Spain and one from the United States (US).

"Of the five suspects, four are traffickers and the other is a trafficker and user, this suspect has never been convicted and one of the suspects has been living in Indonesia for five years," said Denpasar Police Chief Sr. Ruddi Setiawan in Denpasar.

Ruddi said the information regarding the whereabouts of the suspects was obtained from the people in the North Kuta area and the Seminyak area, that there were foreigners (foreigners) circulating cocaine-type narcotics.

For information received, the Denpasar Police Satnarkoba together with the CTOC Task Force conducted monitoring in the North Kuta area.

As for the total evidence obtained from the five suspects, including the Cocaine Type Narcotics weighing 20.18 grams and 44.14 grams of marijuana.

In addition, the suspects were arrested at different crime scenes, but the place of arrest is still in the Kerobokan area, North Kuta.

Ruddi added, one of the narcotics trafficking suspects, there was a restaurant business, and the plan of the five suspects, with the Narcotics type of cocaine and marijuana being circulated in Bali targeting foreign tourists.

Two Russian suspects, Nikita and Maria, are a network of distributors in Bali, while Ian from the United States is a network with Spanish foreign citizens Laura and Juan.

The evidence that will be circulated by the suspect comes from abroad, and the Denpasar Police will conduct an investigation and development for the origin of the Narcotics package.

The actions carried out by the suspects will be subject to Articles 111 and 112, Republic of Indonesia Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics, with the threat of imprisonment of at least 4 years and a maximum of 12 years and a fine of at least IDR 800 million and a maximum of IDR 8 billion.

"We hope that foreigners who are on holiday in Bali, not to use narcotics and also not be narcotics dealers, we will not hesitate to take strict action to foreigners who violate Narcotics," Ruddi said.