Monday, 16 September 2019 | 15:33 WIB

Newcomers Seek Better Education and Finances in Jakarta

Newcomers Seek Better Education and Finances in Jakarta (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Jakarta Population and Civil Registration Office says the motives of most newcomers in Jakarta are economics and education.

"Those who come to Jakarta have a number of motives, including economy, career development, work, as well as education and schooling," said Head of Jakarta Civil Registration Office Dhany Sukma on Tuesday (06/11/2019).

In percentage terms, 31 percent of workers in the private sector, the education sector, are approximately 23 percent. Even though they did not carry out Population Judicial Operations after the 2019 distribution, the Jakarta Provincial Government will continue to collect data on newcomers.

"(Data collection starts) June 14 to 25," said Dhany.

The initial stage will be carried out through data collection involving all neighborhoods and hamlets in Jakarta. The results of the data collection will be used to identify points or areas that are inhabited by many newcomers.

"From there, on June 26 to July 3, God willing, we will carry out population development services," he said.

Dhanny continued that the population data will be divided into two categories, permanent and non-permanent.

"If there is no intention to settle, the newcomer will be given non-permanent status. If they settle, we move the data to residence. If non-permanent does not stay, they should have regional identity. For example, there is a letter of assignment or introduction to neighborhood/hamlet, then we will issue identity to non-permanent residents, "explained Dhany.

Letters for non-permanent residents are valid for a year. After the expiration date will be re-recorded. With this data collection, all newcomers can be recorded. Later, it can be used as a basis for intervening in regional policy.

Dhanny added that his office recorded 4.3 million people who came in the capital during the backflow until Monday (10/6/2019) morning. "Based on the flow of going back and forth, from the figure of 7.8 million, which has entered 4.3 million. That was the observation until this morning (yesterday)," he explained.