Monday, 16 September 2019 | 15:03 WIB

Central Kalimantan Police Arrest 34 Suspected Terrorists

Head of Public Relations of Central Kalimantan Regional Police Sr. Comr. Hendra Rochmawan (gerakkalteng)

PALANGKA RAYA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The number of suspected terrorists arrested by the Special Detachment 88 Anti Terror and Central Kalimantan Regional Police in the City of Palangka Raya and Gunung Mas Regency has now reached 34 people, including adult men, women, and children.

Head of Public Relations of Central Kalimantan Regional Police Sr. Comr. Hendra Rochmawan in Palangka Raya on Thursday (06/13/2019) said his office had named two people with the initials A and T who lived on Jalan Pinus Permai III Palangka Raya as suspects, while the rest were still under intensive inspection. .

"Actually the existence of the group in Central Kalimantan was facilitated by one of the residents of Palangka Raya named Ansyari since the beginning of 2019," he said.

According to him, the suspected terrorist group Ansharut Daulah Network (JAD) that was captured in Central Kalimantan is very dangerous, because all its members are able to assemble high explosive bombs.

"They target Police force and personnel in Jakarta, not in Central Kalimantan," he said.

Before leaving for Jakarta, one of the members of the JAD group had prepared a bomb and pipe bomb from a cellphone that could be controlled remotely.

That's why when the Densus team arrested the group from a number of places in Palangka Raya, various components of the tools used to assemble bombs were seized.

"For six months they have been in Central Kalimantan to practice and gather strength. Then, they will move when they receive instructions to go to Jakarta," he explained as quoted by Antara.

In 2018, the terrorist group based in Aceh disbanded, because some members of their group were arrested by Detachment. Therefore, this group then split up and moved to several regions, including to Central Kalimantan.

Police Commissioner Hendra explained, this group action was in Jakarta and now it had begun to move, only it had been foiled by the Central Kalimantan Regional Police Team and Detachment 88. In Palangka Raya there was already a JAD named Ansyari who had a wife from Kapuas.

"So actually this network is runaway, and not isolating itself while conducting training and fundraising," Hendra said.

The former Palangka Raya police chief added that the group planned to ride an action in Jakarta and be involved in various riots and terror in several parts of Indonesia.