Thursday, 02 April 2020 | 11:06 WIB

Villager in Ngawi Discovers Fossilized Thigh Bone of Ancient Elephant

Villager in Ngawi Discovers Fossilized Thigh Bone of Ancient Elephant (theconversation)

NGAWI, NETRALNEWS.COM - A resident in Tempuran Village, Paron Subdistrict, Ngawi Regency, East Java, has found a wood-like object that had been petrified and is thought to be a fossil of an ancient elephant thigh bone.

Local villager Bambang Sumaryono said the fossil remains of an ancient elephant thigh bone were discovered by Slamet (50) a sand-seeker while diving on the Ketonggo River in a local village to find sand.

"Initially discovered accidentally by Mr. Slamet while diving looking for sand on the Ketonggo River. The object was thought to be wood," Bambang told reporters.

The fossil femur has a length of about 75 centimeters. Unfortunately, the fossil broke when it was removed from the riverbed. It is estimated that these fossils belong to the ancient species of Stegodon or ancient elephant.

"It looks like the shape of an elephant's thigh bone. The problem is that the fossil is very large. The residents around this time have only found suspected fossil objects," he said.

These findings make the surrounding villagers curious. They came to the riverbank location to see the alleged fossil.

"Want to see the discovery of bones that are supposed to be fossils. It's huge, never seen bones like this. The findings are like those in the Trinil Museum," said a local villager who came to the location, Lina, as reported by Antara.

In order not to get damaged, the alleged fossil findings were then taken to the house of the local village. As planned, residents plan to conduct another search because it is possible there are still many other fossils buried in the riverbed.